Disfellowshipping Spree In My Congregation

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  • jw07

    I just was looking back at a group photo on social media from exactly one year ago.

    There are 12 persons in it, and since last year 3 of those persons in that photo have been disfellowshipped, plus one more not in the photo. So that's a total of 4 persons from my congregation of a little over 100 publishers.

    Unfortunately 3 are back at the meetings and taking the shunning, but one seems to be fully awake and has disappeared completely.

    That's the most persons I recall being disfellowshipped in my congregation in such a short while. Usually it's like 1 every 2 or 3 years.

    I wouldn't mind seeing more people leaving.

    There are currently 3 persons who I wonder about. They look just as uncomfortable as I am at the meetings. There's no way to really know without asking them though.

  • Crazyguy
    Most get dfd for sex acts and come back dumb as ever.
  • freddo


    Can you get an anonymous letter (remember them before email?) on the lines of "Hope you are doing Ok but now you are out really check if you want to come back" - and list a few thought provokers for them to consider.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i wonder how many men who get d/f are--in fact--glad.

    it means no more door knocking-- answering up--talks--parts --praying--all that shit---for a year. they can turn up--sit quietly ( alseep i imagine )---for a year !!

    their family / friends will see they are repentant--and go easy on them.

  • kairos

    I remember a real amazing episode about 20 years ago here in my town.

    There were 6 weeks in a row of judicial announcement. Several every meeting and from adjoining halls. DFs and reproofs. I remember it clear as day as my first wife was one of the "sinners"...

    We divorced shortly after.

    About 20 people were involved. Some are still out and some are still long gone.

    Lurkers: This is cult tactics if you were curious.

  • joe134cd

    I really believe that those getting DFed would only be the tip of the iceberg. What they need to be more concerned about is those slipping out the back door who say nothing. Around the time I left which wasnt that long ago there were:

    A family of 4 (long term converts) walk out the door unsatisfied with the social aspects of Wt. Will never return.

    1 left her husband and left meetings. Will never return.

    Myself. Will never return.

    Around same time 3 DFed. All are now back and asleep as ever.

    Since leaving I know for certain or have heard of:

    1 fully inactive who dosnt even answer the door when JWs knock.

    2 semi inactive. I think it's to keep up appearances.

    1 recent elder and his wife who dissociated himself and now is a raging apostate. Oddly I found out about him when I meet him on here.

    1 recent elder and wife. Not DAed but also apostate. They tell me they have also quietly taken another person with them.

    Another long time friend who's wife was Dfed but open to apostate views. Both no longer go.

    This all with in the space of about 3 years. Hell if I was to go back another 12 - 24 months I could probably count the same amount again.

  • joe134cd
    Oh sorry forgot to mention a recent case of apostasy where there was a mass DFing. Are pretty certain but yet to confirm. This is just from the cong I was associated with or close friends.
  • tim3l0rd

    My wife and I are changing from ASL to English, mostly to help with my fade. The first meeting we went to, they had a local needs and discussed what the CO had asked the congregation to work on. The CO had given them this same report for the last 2 visits meaning that they had this problem for at least a year. The problem was that they had a high number of 1-5 hour publishers (around 40%) and they had a low number of RVs (around 30% of publishers had 1 - 2 RVs/month and many had 0).

    As soon as I heard the report, I thought, we need to join this congregation. I'll fit right in and they won't bat an eye that I'm only reporting an hour a month or even skipping months. Coming from ASL where you were talked to if you had less than 15 hrs/month and the congregation averaged 20 hrs/month, I was quite surprised. I'm hoping the apathy rubs off on my wife.

  • joe134cd
    It just amazes me at an organisation that will try and quantify the spirituality of its members by the quantity of RVs or hours that they do, and yet fail to realize where the problem really lies in its retention of its membership, and the information on the internet. I seriously believe Wt money would be better spent in trying to retain it's youth.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This is the information age now. Any JW youth who wants to investigate the Borg can do so at will. Whether it is at a local library or on their smart phones they have information about the Borg history at their fingertips.

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