Research help needed: knowledge of Knights Templar and Masonic history vital

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  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    Hi. I am in conversation with a UK historian regarding some Knights Templar locations, where JWs have built buildings. *** THIS IS SERIOUS RESEARCH - NOT A JOKE ***

    I am not - and do not wish to be - a conspiracy theorist, but something has come to light in the UK and I lack the knowledge of Knights Templar + Masons. I need to enlist the research help of anyone on this forum who has some experience/knowledge/time to spare. Feel free to PM me for the details...

    The research is for a video I am preparing - a serious video (no jesting) - about the new UK branch in "Temple Farm" in Chelmsford. I have been in contact with a government official who turns out to be a member of a local historical society. What he pointed me to was an "I don't believe it" moment...followed by..."What?! Seriously?!" I now would like to ask for help to research this further, so that if it leads to anything with solid evidence I can include it in the video.

    The main topic I need to verify is: numerology within Free Masons and Knights Templar - is there a genuine significance of the number 33?

    If you have anything *** SERIOUS *** to add, please comment here too, but if not a serious comment I kindly ask you to direct your creative typing skills to one of the many other worthwhile posts on this forum instead ;-)


  • OrphanCrow

    There are 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry

  • Dunedain

    This may not be specific to what you are asking, but i do know that a LOT of Christian churches in Europe were built on top of ancient Pagan holy sites.

    As Christianity became the dominant religion during the middle ages, many Crusaders and Templars destroyed ancient Pagan sites, and erected churches directly on top of them.

    Now, with modern technology, and things like google earth, they are realizing that these churches are built on Ley lines, and sometimes create symbols when observed from the air, or satellite, and odd things like that. Again, not that the churches themselves created this, but because they were built on Pagan sites, that were in distinct places thousands of years ago. Such as corresponding with Summer and Winter solstices, or a grouping of these Pagan sites/churches symbolizing constellations, and other uncanny things.

    Maybe the WTBS continued this further, by buying some of the same spots that these churches, and Pagan sites, were on, and made them branches for the WTBS, i dont know, but its possible.

  • Crazyguy

    There’s some very interesting things about the knights and the Christian version and how some of these symbols ended up being used by WT.

  • sparrowdown

    I wish you the best with your research Fay it can be a deep, confusing and not to mention time consuming labrynth of a subject to research with many dead ends and red herrings that as you have already gathered not many people have the patience for, but what you have said so far sounds intriguing I hope you get some solid information. I do think there are questions surrounding WT, their origin story, various business dealings and activities, decisions they have made and why they have made them the list is long that have not adequately been answered and they possibly never will. I wish you luck.

  • Splash

    The pub near to Temple Farm is The Three Compasses.

    Unfortunately the stocks on Lower Stocks Road have been removed, a fitting punishment for the GB.

    But that this is a templar/masonic area is beyond doubt. Take a look at the pdf at this link.

  • fukitol

    I admire your research Fay. A lot of people will vehemently deny it on here but the WBTS has had strong Masonic connections since day one.

  • dogisgod

    You might want to look up Max Dasau (sp) She is an American born anthropologist who has done primo work on the feminine in worship history. She will shock you. The patriarchy has done everything within it's power to eradicate the feminine worship in history. Artifacts destroyed etc. Fasten your seat belt.

  • MightyV8


    AndersonsInfo she has done a lot of research on this matter

  • slimboyfat

    So they’re going to build a video production centre. Is that what the branch is going to be used for? At least that’s some sort of explanation, after the printing plant, which was supposed to be the whole point of the relocation, was cancelled.

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