Over population

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  • pistolpete

    The UN estimates that around 385,000 babies are born each day around the world (140 million a year).

    That's ONE BILLION about every 7 years.


    While it’s good to know that life goes on, it is a fact that we have developed a way of living that has become unsustainable. We are extracting our planet’s resources to the point where it cannot reproduce fast enough to catch up. The demands of our growing population has done much damage to our environment.

    We call it progress, but somehow, our civilization does not have the maturity yet to do what’s right for this planet that we call home.


  • mickbobcat

    To say I see food being thrown out by stores and areas are sparse populated is just ignorant of the facts. Fist off there is only a small amount of land on earth that is habitable. Not only are we losing land to desertification each year but 33 percent is desert already and 24 percent is mountains or in the case of Antarctica just not able to support life for humans without a large effort of supply-lines that is not practical. That is 57 percent that is out of the range of use out of the gate. There are already cities that are in the desert like Vegas, LA and others, They are sucking up water at such a rate that the Colorado river does not go to the sea any more. They are so desperate for water there was talk of draining the great lakes to supply cities.

    Divide the amount of land that is habitable by the current population and you get just over 2 acres per person. That does not allow for agriculture, stores, factories, schools, water treatment plants ect.

    It has been estimated by scientists that for everyone to live like the average American we would need 10 earths to make it possible. It is just ignorant of facts to say I see a lot of empty land when I fly over New Mexico and think there is still a lot of land to use or habitation. Shows a huge lack of intelligence to say this.

  • iXav

    There is no need to panic. Greed will lead us were we deserve to be and by the time that happens, a lot of people who are worried about over population will be dead. Then, something major like major war, tsunami, pandemic, etc will happen and it will wipe out a few million people (Population control).

  • pistolpete

    Then, something major like major war, tsunami, pandemic, etc will happen and it will wipe out a few million people (Population control).

    Something interesting came out on the local news yesterday.

    The Covid pandemic has killed about 3 MILLION PEOPLE WORLD WIDE IN ABOUT A YEAR AND A HALF






  • waton

    There is a feature on BBC or The Guardian of an island that is again green and friendly for it's native life . It had been eaten bare by out of control goats, and devastated by an overpopulation of rats. It would have been left desolate and have just a few starving goats and rats.

    I embraced the watchtower religion, because they showed me one text, nobody else had: Rev.11:18. "God will destroy those that destroy the Earth" as a child of the war, I took it to mean the atomic weapons wielding warmangers of the 1950 (Cuba and all).

    I did not think I would see the day where it would mean the "more intelligent" symbolic goats and rats.

    keep the condoms and pills coming. or else.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    For the naysayers: China did actually lift itself out of poverty. Until a few years ago people there died yearly from starvation. The same goes for India. That problem has disappeared, and that isn’t just China talking, the UN and US agrees on these points, China has been hiding the problem of starvation for nearly a century now, hence why nobody knows but over the last century, there were years where millions of Chinese died and even in the 1970s 30% of their population did not have enough food.

    Poverty does not mean you’re not a millionaire, it means you can feed yourself regularly and have a roof over your head. Sure it may mean you’re still living in a slum and can’t afford a car but at least you’re not worm food. Our concept of poverty in the west is so far out of whack, the concept of poverty we have is that you aren’t sufficiently rich to afford certain luxuries.

    There are other statistics people spout here, but they are all from a very narrow perspective. As Israel showed in the 1940s and 1950s, it is relatively easy to convert desert to sustainable agricultural areas, it is actually one of the few uses for modern solar and wind energy would be suitable for. And we complain about California while people choose to live and grow there when it was never actually sustainable to begin with. The only reason California exists is the gold rush, but it was a desert before we even got there, the problem they have is handouts from the government, if the federal government weren’t giving handouts to them (50% of all state aid goes to California, paid for by other states), it would sort itself out very naturally.

    The rainforest is a similar problem, its cutting was sustained by massive handouts from western and Brazilian governments. The current conservative government is slowly fixing that, they’ve deployed their military to stop illegal logging and they are now on track to have more than 33% of the area cut since 1970s rainforest recovered in secondary forests. The problem with activists is that they only count in one direction, so they’ll say stuff like how much rainforest is being cut last year while ignoring that recently most of the legal cutting has been done in secondary forests (which humans planted) and that through the human intervention and the halt to funding subsistence farming the total area of wood for both the Amazon rainforest and the world has increased (https://news.mongabay.com/2018/08/earth-has-more-trees-now-than-35-years-ago/)

    As always, we have to be careful with the information we obtain. There is always an angle, according to Greenpeace we’ve only been cutting trees and there is a dire problem with tree coverage. But anyone that has walked into Home Depot between 1970 and now knows that most of our wood source has changed to young, cheap, human grown trees (to the begrudging of many an old contractor).

    The same goes for habitable lands and farmlands. The facts are we use less farmland now than we did half a century ago and we produce double the amount of food. Sure there are byproducts, but those are all manageable. In the near future farming will go vertical, meaning even less space will be used by several factors. Visionaries are predicting a future with a handful (~5) of vertical factory farms, taking up a total area smaller than NYC, throughout the US could supply all of humanities food requirements (in the world). Meat can now be grown in vats obviating the need for cows.

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