Poopie has a thought what do you think child molestation

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  • scratchme1010

    So here's my thought what should be done to an elder that is accused of molesting a child and there no 2 witnesses ? 1. the elder should immediately step down or be removed.2

    The child should be protected. 3. he should be removed minimum 1 year until he is proven innocent. why because he is no no longer irreprehensible or blameless even though he may be in fact be innocent.Since he's an elder and should be an example of humility he should be willing to step down. what do you think ?

    OR, the mother fucker elder can get arrested, go to jail if found guilty, and become a registered sex offender for the rest of his life, so he can't get anywhere near children.

    If he's proven innocent, the accuser, if it's the child, should get psychological help, and if it's an adult, the mother fucker should get arrested and in jail for malicious prosecution, and sued for slandering and damages.

    Either way, the WT should stay the fuck away from making decision around child abuse.

  • Finkelstein

    I would have to agree with others here that accused elders should be temporarily suspended and the matter should be given up to local police authorities and the suspension should hold until the individual is cleared by the local laws.

    What has happened in the past elders and non elders exploited the rules and conditions set out by the WTS heads and appeal to their imposed punishment, knowing beforehand that they will keep the matter out of the acknowledgement of the local law authorities.

    There has been a lot of instances of pedophilia within the JWS where the perpetrator never spent a day in jail, they may have been DFed or not even that if they didn't admit to the act.

    The other known problem is that the supposed victims were discouraged to contact the law authorities for doing so would bring reproach onto Jehovah's organization.

    The causative and irreconcilable result was the many perpetrators flew the area to escape their crimes, putting the general public at risk.

  • poopie

    Thanks for all your points have good nigjt

  • WTWizard

    Let the police deal with it. Upon being found guilty, the hounder should immediately be disfellowshipped and permanently removed from any position where it may have power. And I do mean permanently. And, if there was intent to ruin the child's life (usually the case when blackmail is involved), it should escalate the severity of the case to where that hounder will probably have no opportunity to ever be reinstated. And I do mean ever.

  • Vidiot

    Ten bucks says if all these perfectly sensible steps were taken, the WTS would have a sudden, serious lack of "qualified brothers" able to administer the Org at the grassroots/congregational levels...

    ...and what's more, I think the WTS knows it.

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