JW's Dancing at a Special Convention in Indonesia

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  • disfellowshipped1

    VIDEO: JW's Dance at the Jakarta, Indonesia Special Convention

    Things have really changed over there in JW land...... holding up phones like lighters now?

  • faithnomore

    Wait what? Who is the shirtless guy? Am I seeing the wrong picture?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I could not access link w/o signing up,

  • dubstepped

    You have to be a member to watch the video.

    The shirtless guy is just a pic where someone compares the antics to modern rock concerts.

  • sparrowdown

    Can't access it. Can you explain what's going on?

  • zeb

    site says 'you cant access this site' my guess its been pulled. I recall footage from a kh where bros were boot scooting on the stage.

  • jookbeard

    I cant believe there would be a DC in Indonesia with over 40k in attendance in Jakarta, a Muslim country although somewhat moderate, is this correct, the publisher rate is just over 26k yet this convention drew in almost double the publisher rate, something doesn't add up.

  • Listener

    There's a few Youtubes of the assemblies in Indonesia at the same time

    This one looks like young children singing before delegates. They've gone overboard in dressing up their children in the same clothes. The girls have dresses in different patterns made out of the same material, including belts and headpieces. See 2.12 and at 14.10 even the mothers are dressed up in the same material as they parade their child to sing in front of the microphone for a few seconds.


    The next video includes a comment that this years convention was special as all conventions were held at the same time in Indonesia, from 17 to 19 November. It shows them waving their phone lights but no dancing.


    The next video shows male and female attendants welcoming guests at 1.06 and dressed in the same costumes. Then at 2.47 it looks like a family dressed in the same material.


    In the following video it looks like these JW ladies are dressed up as bees for their special conventioners.


  • Divergent


    the publisher rate is just over 26k yet this convention drew in almost double the publisher rate, something doesn't add up

    Special Conventions are ones that include international delegates, hence a large number of those in attendance are from other countries. I can verify this because I have attended such conventions before

  • pomo6780
    This is not the same religion I was born into.

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