JW's Dancing at a Special Convention in Indonesia

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  • careful


    I cant believe there would be a DC in Indonesia with over 40k in attendance in Jakarta, a Muslim country

    I met a large group of high school students from Indonesia who were attending school all year long in the USA and Canada, at their government's expense. All were nominally Christian. Since I had the same idea you do about Indonesia being a Moslem country, I had to ask them about it. They replied that it is Moslem only in certain substantial geographical areas, and that significant portions of the population had converted to the Dutch Reformed Church while the land was a Dutch colony. In fact, they told me that was the thing to do in pre-WW II Indonesia if a person wanted to rise up on the socio-economic ladder. Some told me of business contacts with Europe that their families still had that had begun when their ancestors "went Western," including converting to the church. I couldn't help but ask if any of them knew about JWs. Some knew about the local Kingdom Hall, but that was about it.

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