Do You Think White People Are Being Discriminated Against?

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  • Badfish

    The libs will call you “way-cist” just for making this thread.

    The University of California has declared this statement racist: “There is only one race - the human race.”

    I found this in Dennis Prager’s “Questions to determine if a friend or relative is a liberal or a leftist.” It’s a really good set of questions and puts things into perspective:

  • WTWizard

    I am seeing it all the more, and it will get much worse when Komodo Dragon Harris takes full control as president. At which point, the full left (of course, with the exception that christi-SCAM-ity along with its parent Noahide Law being fully enforced) will take control. It will become common to see whites explicitly excluded from so many things, yet on the hook to pay so much for reparations for something similar to the washtowel "original sin". And, with companies on board, it will become normal for "colored" people to get better deals on things than white people.

    All of which is important for the reptilians. Eliminate the white people (and that bible provides them the energy they need for this, in the form of curses), degrade everyone else, and enslave all those left. At which point, any advantages "colored" people gain will be lost, as all humanity will be harvested as the reptilians take full control of the planet. And then the whole galaxy, along with eventually the whole universe.

    When I get my 2021 tax bills or owe taxes in 2022 instead of getting a refund (with nothing changing about my withholding) for reparations, and see "colored" people getting much better deals on things at the stores, I think of that bible and that thing they call jesus as the source. I find myself in a world that has had more than 1,900 years of this cancer going on before I came in, this work has been going on for more than 1,900 years, and now I get to just reap the adverse consequences of this foul religion (of which the jokehovians are prominently part of).

  • minimus

    Wiz I wish you would speak clearly. Every time you post I need a decoder!

  • fortis et liber
  • iXav
    The libs will call you “way-cist” just for making this thread.

    Funny but also true. That said, is this more a question about guilt by association? If that is the case every race goes through that.

    Japan enters the WW?, American Japanese rounded up and put in internment camp. What did they do? "Quilt by Association"

    Some people flew a plane into the WTC, all Arabs are guilty by association because they are all terrorist.

    Corvid19 aka China Virus, let's beat up random Asians since they are guilty by association.

    Some woman named Karen is filmed being racist, yep all white people are "way-cist" and guilty for having less melanin.

    Some black people caught doing illegal stuff, all these (insert n-word) are (insert whatever you want)

    Those people crossing the southern border, etc...

    Now the person who posted the original question probably didn't make the connection that the issue here is not about if white people are "way-cists" but more about the inherent human nature of attributing guilty by association.

  • minimus

    My thread was about whether you think white people are discriminated against because of their color. Surely many black people are discriminated against because of their color. White people are no different.

  • iXav

    that is true, discrimination comes in all flavours

  • MeanMrMustard

    Not all "discrimination" is bad.

    As Walter Williams used to point out, I discriminate all the time by having sex with my wife only. All those other women out there that I purposefully refuse....

    I discriminate against egg salad. Forking disgusting.

    The real question is : What is the discrimination BASED UPON?

  • Jeffro


    My thread was about whether you think white people are discriminated against because of their color.

    The title asked whether white people are being discriminated against, implying a current situation that differs from a separate norm rather than questioning whether anti-white sentiment exists at all. If you mean the latter, then yes of course it exists in general society.

    But the type of ‘woke’ anti-white racism often complained about in such threads refers to rhetoric that rattles around ultra-left echo chambers and so-called ‘academics’ who have lost touch with reality, which occasionally gets picked up by media outlets seeking to generate division. Little of that type of racism has any real effect on day-to-day life (where I live).

  • Simon
    Little of that type of racism has any real effect on day-to-day life.

    So giving an inferior candidate your spot at university ...

    Promoting an inferior work colleague because of a diversity quota & PR ...

    Not hiring someone on the basis of their race ...

    You don't think these have any real effect on people's day-to-day life?

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