Beautiful new kingdom song

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  • cofty

    Come on SBF what is this "light" in a darkened world exactly?

  • stuckinarut2

    Is it actually a JW song?

  • slimboyfat

    Exactly, it's not like any Kingdom Song I have heard before. And they sing it very well at our Kingdom Hall, but the singing is always good.

    The lyrics of this song are very generic. No mention of Jehovah, God, Jesus, Bible, ransom, faithful slave, or anything like that. The only clearly religious word is "pray". Although, of course, the words can be understood religiously, and with JW worldview in mind, in itself, the vocabulary is not specifically JW.

    So I'm not entirely sure what to make if it, but I do like it. The tune and orchestration sound good to me, and the sparseness of the words imbue it with a certain power. I also like the songs that use Jehovah's name, of course. I'm not so enthusiastic about the swaying "how do you feel" one or the "obey and be blessed" one. But each has their own preferences.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I'm glad you liked it. I didn't. Another song by the muppets or such. It was better than a lot of what they put out. Give me some good old rock and roll, a real hymn (I don't have to agree with the sentiment), or some good old american/irish/blues/folk songs.

  • Diogenesister

    Nice enough song, I wouldn't describe it in the fawning terms you have tho' SBF.

    Me thinks you've been a little mischievous lately, sir.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I have stated before that it sounds like a score for an epic movie like a Lord of the Rings type movie. I have to admit I like the music too myself and I'm not ashamed to say it. Just because an organization is corrupt, manipulative, exploitative, deceitful, etc doesn't mean you have to be ashamed to admit that one of their songs has good music. Saying you like one of their songs doesn't mean you're now endorsing the organization or its practices. Let's not be petty. Let's not fall into the trap of stigmatizing where you just condemn everything that comes from a particular source as bad or distasteful just because it's a source you disapprove of. True maturity means you're big enough to acknowledge whatever little good there may be that comes from your worst or most hated enemy.

    Just to illustrate my point, I'll tell you a little story about a Caribbean nation called Grenada. Remember the US military operation in Grenada in 1983? In the late 1970s there was a coup there and a Marxist regime started a communist revolution that ultimately imploded violently in 1983. But during the time of the Marxist regime, Grenada became like a kind of protege of Cuba and to a lesser extent, the USSR. Lots of Grenadians were able to go to Cuban universities to study to become doctors, engineers, etc. And lots of skilled technicians from Cuba came to Grenada to help set up various industries like soap making and canning etc. They even started building the Island's first international airport which Reagan was worried would be used for military purposes. So there was a fair amount of technological and industrial investments made by Cuba and USSR to ensure that the Grenada revolution succeeded. Of course Cuba and USSR no doubt saw some strategic benefit for themselves in having Grenada as an ally due to its location.

    But of course, living under a Marxist regime during the height of the cold war was not all good. There were abuses like imprisoning, torturing and sometimes killing dissenters or those suspected of covertly working with the CIA to undermine or topple the revolution. By late 1983 a festering division within the Marxist regime resulted in one of the two "joint leaders" being placed under house arrest by the other. Later he was freed by a large crowd of his protesting supporters who brought him to one of the forts which housed a large cache of arms and ammunition. A standoff ensued which lasted a few hours then culminated in a mini-massacre when APCs went up to the fort and someone fired the first shot igniting a firefight. Shortly after the firefight ended the freed "joint leader" and cabinet colleagues loyal to his faction were captured, tried and executed by firing squad on that fort. The other faction instituted a curfew and several days later US troops came in.

    By this time you can imagine that the whole experience with Marxism was quite traumatizing to many Grenadians. Many of them had lost loved ones during the firefight. And the "joint leader" that was executed was the one that was more popular, charismatic and beloved by the people. Add to all of this the prevailing anti-communist sentiment that loomed at that time during the height of the cold war and you can imagine that many Grenadians developed a bit of an aversion to communism and this brings me to the salient point: What happened to all the factories and equipment that Cuba and Russia sent to Grenada?

    They were stigmatized as being communist and abandoned, discarded, given away, etc. The bad experience they had with the Marxist regime - they stigmatized the factories and the equipment with it. These factories were basically just abandoned and so, industrially speaking, Grenada was no better off after the revolution than they were before. They threw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak. Fortunately they didn't view the then unfinished international airport the same way. Ironically, the airport that Cubans were working on, and that Reagan was saying would be used for Russian fighter jets, was completed with the help of the very anti-communist, US.

    Lesson: Do not stigmatize. Appreciate a spade as being a spade regardless of how you feel about its maker.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Sbf, why adulate the music of a sick and twisted cult? It's like saying Hitler was a vegetarian and kind to animals, those items were not relevant to his genocidal mania. Likewise the purpose of the JW org is for the gb to flourish by living off the fat of their delusional death cult.

  • snugglebunny

    Sounds like something off Britain's got talent.

  • snugglebunny

    I recall the days when Kingdom melodies were more like military marches. I used to find this one really rousing once the first instrumental verse had finished.

  • Annon

    What I find rather strange is that the chapter of the bible the song is supposed to be based on uses the name Jesus loads of times, but out of the 151 songs in the new song book guess how many have the name Jesus in the title?

    None, not a single one! (Unless my eyesight is going)

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