Beautiful new kingdom song

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  • slimboyfat

    Has anyone noticed this new song? I think it's absolutely beautiful. It's got a film score quality about it, with depth and feeling. And the lyrics, what to say about the lyrics? There are few if any specifically JW words, or even Christian words come to that. Any Christian, or other kind of believer, could surely sing it with no problem. In fact many secular optimists would surely be happy singing it, apart from the one word "pray", socialists, communists, liberal progressives, could sing it just as well. And you could interpret "pray" in a secular sense.

  • oppostate

    Sounds like a Disney ripoff! Reminds me of Frozen or one of the animated heroines singing very theatrically.

    The music of the song aside, the pictures that go with the video are definitely not WT approved.

    There once was a time when I would have thought, "oh how beautiful, this song" but now, "meh".

  • cofty

    Horrible noise.

    What a load of evil hypocrisy! All will be beautiful as soon as god murders 99.9% of all the men women and children on earth.

    Utterly repulsive.

  • steve2

    A delightfully generic and dirge-free zone.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    It's not bad, with that performance. But at the local hall here, they make it sound awful!

  • cofty

    Every evil oppressive regime has stirring melodies.

    It is beyond me how you can express admiration for one of the cult's most effective propaganda tools.

    As I said previously SBF you are a "useful idiot".

  • sparrowdown

    How ironic that the people in the emotion milking montage of news footage will be lovingly destroyed by the singer's God at armaggeddon.

  • Quarterback

    I wanted to use it when I gave my public talk. But it just didn't fit. It's still one of my favourites.

  • cofty

    If this little boy thinks his life is shit now wait until he sees what Jehovah has in store for him any day now...

  • sparrowdown

    Exactly Cofty!

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