What your first realization of hypocrisy in this Religion?

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  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    One of my first realizations was that we don’t celebrate birthdays, but anniversaries are okay. I realized that when I was like 5.


    Mine was when my bother boasted about his theocratic warfare when he smiled and said "We call it lying fort he Truth" He never connected the dots, but I did.

  • Vidiot

    Figuring out that famous JWs like Prince, Serena Williams, and Katherine Jackson didn't really get in any kind of trouble for doing "worldy" things that would get regular rank-and-filers' asses hauled into JCs faster than you could say "apostasy".

  • VIII

    This thread struck a nerve.

    All of your examples above, I have seen or experienced on a personal level. The OPs opening post could have been written by me...I was 5 when my Mom got into the JWs gung ho (her family was in) and Armageddon was around the corner in 1975. She is the biggest hypocrite I have ever encountered. She speaks with a forked tongue and for a JW that seems normal.

    I knew the JWs were phucked up by the time I was 10ish. I was planning my exit as I was planning how to move out of the house. Those went hand in hand. I didn't care if I were shunned. Glory Be! That would be fine. Being shunned by a group of NUTZ is OK with me. Seriously.

    Oddly, my family is the oddsters who don't shun. I've fallen away (decades ago, married a Worldly, went to college, send holiday cards and all manner of Satan's Traps) and they still talk to me. Go figure.

    The hypocritical stuff they have done over the years would make Jesus tell them "Go Away Satan!".

  • Chook

    A little note about the elders book which informed elders that they could custom bind their book ,but if a Worldy person preformed that duty they were to be watched but under no circumstances can our dear sisters handle this book. There you go a pagan book binder can touch the tabernacle but our sisters put in their place.

  • Vidiot

    @ Chook...

    IMO, that bit isn't so much "hypocritical" as it is "eye-rollingly stoopid". :smirk:

  • OnTheWayOut

    As a fairly new elder, I observed that some of the experienced elders would protect their own families beyond the normal help extended to others. Sometimes, elders would even meet with their own families involved in Watch Tower defined sins and dismiss the case without forming a judicial committee, but would not extend that same kindness to others.

    I decided that I would extend that kindness to anyone in the congregation, connected or not, always if I could do so. We were supposed to kindly help people, so I would. If I were ever put on an "investigative committee" (two elders who gather information to see if a judicial committee of three was needed) I would almost always squash the matter. I would simply say that the person realized their wrong and we could inform the C.O.B.E. that there was no need to investigate further. If I were to become aware of Watch Tower-defined sin on my own (without another elder's knowledge) I would counsel the person myself and not even tell anyone about it. That's what the elders were doing for their families in my congregation and that's what I did for anyone.

  • Finkelstein

    Probably the most prominent act of hypocrisy set in the JWS religion and previously by the IBSA was perpetrated by the organization's orchestrative leaders in their specific date setting of Christ's return or positioning of taking his heavenly throne (1914) and (1874)

    Seems these men didn't want to faithfully adhere to Jesus's instruction that no one knows of the time accept the father and the admonishment of his true faithful followers to not do so.

    But then again these men were trying to proliferate the literature they published so proclaiming these dates were endeavored because they taken as being commercially advantageous. $$$

  • Crazyguy2

    I never really paid attention much most my life about the religion it when I started that I heard a talk from Lett where he had admitted that most at bethel thought the end would come in 1975 claiming he was even called an apostate for he not thinking it.

    They had spent a lot of time denying that anyone from the top preached this yet how can almost everyone in bethel then think it?

  • blondie

    I also did not follow after the crowd regarding 1975, I knew what Matthew 24:44 said, Jesus said his followers would not know when it would, it would come at a time they think not. Never called an apostate, but my aunt was.

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