What your first realization of hypocrisy in this Religion?

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    My mother became a witness when I was five and I believed that every witness followed what was said at the meetings and the instructions given. My naive belief carried on until maybe I was 10? or so.

    At the old conventions, volunteers would come early and pack fruit into net bags so that it could be sold at lunch. My mother volunteered us to do it. (don't ask me how she got us there that early) So we put grapes, nectarines, apples and bananas in the bag for maybe an hour and then came time for the doors to open at the venue for seating. I was so excited for this because I had always seen the seats with the extra 3' foot space that ringed the facility but had never been early enough to be able to sit in them. So we stood in a crowd in front of the doors. A brother with a serious face, gave a speech about how we should not run, save seats for others etc. because we would want to be christ like and think of others.

    Doors open. Young brothers ran like crazy towards those seats and threw blankets everywhere. I was shocked.

    Afterwards, I looked at the "brothers and sisters" who sat in them, piously reading the bible and taking notes. I never looked at those setting in the seats as anything other than hypocrites after that.

    The other thing was just maybe 10 years ago when I still attended conventions. We were assigned to clean some interior offices in the venue. In my mind, as JW's you trusted people. (yes naive again) So it was rather shocking to see this rather menacing "brother" standing in the middle of the room with his hands clasped in front of him, staring at us like we were going to rob the bank. Maybe he was a cop for hire I don't know but it added an element that seemed foreign. It was just unsettling to me because it was implying that I was untrustworthy.

    What did you run into that revealed all wasn't as it should be? I would imagine a person converted later in life wouldn't see the same things to the degree a born in would, but it would be interesting to hear about it.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I saw that elders could "get away with murder " no consequences; elders wives could stir up trouble n gossip with no consequences at all; elders children could get away scot-free from anykind of sin(stealing, lying, driking, celebrating worldly festivals, flirting, worldy association) with no consequences at all ! Except for the publishers, they had to face punishment, consequences, disciplining, counseling at every step of the way despite their not breaking gods law.The publisher misses one meeting, he is asked into the backroom/second room.

    I have way too may such experiences to share. I wont go into details mate coz its a sore spot, would rather leave alone.


  • LongHairGal


    I suppose the answer to this question will be different for everybody.

    My first experience with hypocrisy in the JW religion was about two things: (1) I felt I was unfairly judged or singled out about dress. I tried hard to be ‘modest’ but was held to a higher standard than some others.. (2) all the older people in the congregation were secure with jobs, house, family. Some were retirees with a comfortable life after having put time in with an employer. Why then, was I criticized for having a full time job? I had to support myself and look out for my future. They certainly did. Why was it expected that a single woman like myself was going to quit a decent job, pursue poverty and allow myself to be targeted by users??

    Well, I had NO intention of following in the footsteps of other single women who were jackassing around doing favors when they should have been educating themselves and getting a decent job. I would not be retired if I had allowed myself to be influenced by hypocrites and bad advice.. The sad part is these older JWs have passed away and are not even around to help anybody stupid enough to have listened to them.

    I’m sure glad I didn’t.

  • Maria Nieves
    Maria Nieves

    I can't recall the first time that I observed hypocrisy within the religion but I repeatedly observed hypocrisy.

    I will say that in the congregation that I attended, higher education was discouraged. The reasoning was that higher education would result in an individual devoting less time to Jehovah. However, the congregation had individuals who were Licensed Teachers, Nurses, School Principals, School Assistant Principals, Accountants, Financers and the list goes on. These individuals were proud of their careers. You could tell because they often spoke of the work that they did with pride. There were also individuals in the congregation who were pursuing higher education.

    I questioned myself as to who they were to discourage others from getting a higher education when they themselves had obtained a higher education or were actively working an advanced degree such as a graduate degree.

    My Bible Study Conductor graduated from graduate school and now works in the field that she studied. She has been working within her current title for 15 years and earns over $90,000 annually. I once asked her as to how she was able to attend graduate school and she got offended by my question. However, I did not ask the question in order to offend her or anyone.

    Her response was that if she had to do things over again, she would not have attended school at all. She stated that school was a complete waste of time. The way that I viewed it was, if she really felt that way, then she should have just quit her job. However, I did not tell her this. I quickly learned that I was supposed to listen, take in the information, not question the information and remain quiet.

    It shocked me that those individuals who had a dream and got to live out their dreams were now discouraging others from pursuing their dreams. I felt that they had no right.

    Another hypocrisy that I saw was two sisters talking about Catholic Priests being investigated for child sex abuse. I do believe that child sex abuse has occurred within the Catholic Church. However, I also believe that child sex abuse has also occurred within the Jehovah Witness religion.

    Jehovah Witnesses are not allowed to read anything negative about their religion. If they want any information about their religion, they can only search for information on JW.Org. However, they are allowed to read negative things about other religions and they spend a considerable amount of time criticizing other religions.

    One time, the congregation that I belonged to had a gathering at a park. One of the sisters was in charge of setting aside tables for when the members of the congregation arrived. I was with her. The sister approached a mother who was at the park. The mother was there setting up for her daughter's birthday. The sister asked the mother if she could take one of the tables and the mother said yes.

    While the mother was celebrating her daughter's birthday, the sister kept approaching the mother and asking her for food and cake.

  • minimus

    Most elders and their families could get away with things...... unless they really

    were not all that liked.

  • hoser

    When I found out that elders could carry on secret sin with no consequences

  • LongHairGal


    I am glad you got to see up close and personal the horrible hypocrisy in the JW religion. So, this study conductor got higher education and a well-paying job and yet she would knock it for somebody else? She says she’s ‘sorry’ she did it.🙄..But, she won’t QUIT her lucrative job!..The poverty she’s parotting is not for HER, just some other fool.. I am sickened by this mentality that I also saw in some JWs.

    It should be very obvious to you how damaging this religion could be to gullible individuals. If a person is not gullible they will have dodged a bullet, so to speak.

    I have NO use for this religion and the hypocrites in it..I remember the moment of truth when I realized that I could not, in good conscience, go around preaching. This also along with the 1995 teaching on Generation was the last straw.

    I soon after planned my ‘Fade’ from the Witness religion and have been out over eighteen years.

  • blondie

    When my jw divorced aunt (in good standing) was shunned by married sisters thinking she would be after their husbands, or people who thought she should have stayed with her unfaithful, abusive husband.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    "shunned by married sisters thinking she would be after their husbands,"

    What does that tell you about the insecure relationships that the JDUBS have , So much for the three fold cord n blah,blah, blah..

    I remember a divorced for decades sister moved into our cong n immediately older/experienced/mature (i use these terms in Jdub lingo context) sisters started to gossip that she was there to look for a relationship .This sister was 62 .She wanting to move for a change of scenery but not in this cult. Every step you take has to be analysed, judged n labelled !


  • Tameria2001

    The first time for me, but for some reason it did not click at the time. They would go on about how lying was bad, and how liars would not inherit God's kingdom (surviving into the new system), and how the Devil was the father of the lie. Then turn around and say it was OK to lie in certain circumstances.

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