Jehovah’s Witness dating rules

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  • Vidiot

    Personally, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that uber-conservative religions aren't even the slightest bit concerned about sexual compatibility.

    They simply want to function as though wives were property (even if won't admit it, or are even consciously aware of it).

  • James87

    A cult has a way with people i will never understand. From going at it like rabbits to basically celibate when it ended, such a polar difference says it all.

  • Bad_Wolf

    A non jw friend on social media posted about not having sex before marriage. He is religious, but not a jw. I mentioned how it would be bad to find out after married that you are not sexually compatible. One female of his church responded "I don't understand sexually compatible. Its sex. If you can do it, you're compatible". I bet she is quite the winner. Her husband prob gets lucky if gets dead fish sex twice a year.

  • Tameria2001
    Yes, I remember those days like it was yesterday, my husband and I have married 25 years ago, just had our anniversary on the 29th of September. We met at a kingdom hall build at the tail end of April, and we lived about an hour and a half away from each other. There was just a small hand few of the JWs that knew we were dating on both sides.

    Rumors were flying around like crazy at his end, because apparently once when we were at the mall. A couple of older sisters who were busybodies got it in their head that I was a worldly girl. They didn't even have the courtesy to come up to me and introduce themselves. If they had they would have learned who I was. His elders contacted my elders to make sure he was, in fact, dating a witness. They had learned that I was a former pioneer, and at the time had stepped down to be an auxiliary pioneer. I was a member of the kingdom hall building crew, and that I had been to where the need was greater. Basically, I was very busy in Jehovah's organization. Let's just say those two elderly ladies got into some very serious hot water with their elders.

    One witness woman even had the nerve in wanting me to get disfellowshipped. On the night that my husband and I were married, we were heading home after the reception. I had already changed out of my wedding dress, and he did the same. We didn't feel like going back home all that distance wearing our wedding attire. We stopped at a convenience store, bought some stuff for our trip back. While there we did a bit of making out, OK I was wrong, some serious making out if you know what I mean. Where we had parked at was in a dark location of the parking lot so as not to draw attention to ourselves, or at least not to. I wasn't paying attention but my new husband was, and he looked out the window to see some woman making a huge fuss.

    Three months later I went back to my old congregation to visit my mom and friends. it was there that a sister was also visiting the congregation as well, visiting her cousin. Apparently, this was the same woman who saw me and my new husband making out in the car that night. She got up in my face and told me that she was going to report me to the elders and that I should be ASHAMED of what I did. I asked her what in the world she was talking about, and she told me that she was that woman who saw me in the car that night making out with some guy. Again she didn't know he too was a witness and that on that very night that happened we were on our way home from our wedding. I told her go ahead and report me to the elders, and she would find herself in the hot seat with the elders because again she did not know all the facts.

    I just loved it when I was able to turn the tables on people like that even back then. But yes, it is extremely stressful dating as a JW, vowed I would never do that again.
  • Crazyguy

    I remember way back when I got married we eloped because her parents were states away and could afford to travel and mine were disinterested and we were poor so it made sense. Got back home and a few meetings later and an elder pulls my wife aside or into the back room and asks her if we were messing around since we eloped. Not only was this in very bad tasted since there was no proof or evidence of impropriety but be ask my wife not me. What a scum bag!

    May advise to you is forget your boyfriend move away from your parents as soon as you can make a life for yourself and get the hell away from this cult!

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