the Great Cntraction continues

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I just learned that my wife's congregations will soon be disbanded. Her congregation will disappear (Cahuenga Spanish in North Hollywood in Southern California). All the members will be added to other neighboring congregations. I actually witnessed with my own eyes the great expansion of Spanish congregations in the 90's. This very congregation was used to contribute half of the members of a new congregation in the late 90's at the same time many other congregation were splitting to create new congregations because they were recruiting many new members. 20 years later the expansion process is being reversed, even in the immigrant, poor, insular communities of California..

    Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet!!

  • Mailman

    What could be the main reasons for disbanding? Poor attendance only or could there be other reasons unknown to us?

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    Don't know about poor attendance. I haven't been to a kingdom hall in 5 years. All I can tell you is that there will be one congregation less in this part of the world. The most logical conclusion is that there is a contraction in the works You could also choose to reject the idea and posit instead that the leaders are trying to run the cult more efficiently.... maybe. But this move doesn't look good if you are trying to make the argument that God is supporting the preaching work.

  • LV101

    naj - thanks for sharing the good news! The internet is a gift to mankind - that's still funny yrs later re/Gore.

  • zeb

    and will there be another hall sold off?

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    No. There's still four other congregations (2 Spanish, one English and one Filipino...I believe) in that hall. My relatives say that the vacant slot (Monday evening and Saturday at 3:00) will be used for weddings, funerals or just administrative purposes. The Spanish congregations maybe shrinking, but still strong. I just don't see any halls being sold, not yet. Give it five more years and we will start seeing sales in this heavily immigrant part of the world.

  • smiddy

    A business or religion that is expanding means more outlets /Kh`s .

    A religion or business that is in decline means selling off more KH`s or outlets.

    The writing is on the wall for the JW/WT religion

    It`s just a matter of time.

  • Crazyguy

    Wonder what's causing the Spanish to retract so much? You would think since they grew so much and many don't speak English they would be the ones less effected by the internet and the last to leave.

  • scratchme1010

    Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet!!

    LOL! Some people may not know or remember his lie. That's a classic.

    About the OP, it's no secret that their number of converts are dwindling. It's also no secret that they are well aware of it and taking measures. That's why they are in the real estate business.

  • Hecce


    The other religions are providing quite a challenge to the WT message. Evangelicals and even Catholics are having very attractive recruiting campaigns with music, children activities and gifts. None of this is available with the WT, people are not receptive to the door to door work; for most people is just a nuisance and the majority won't even open.

    I don't think that the internet has a lot to do with the decrease, Spanish speaking are family group oriented and they get their information mostly by word of mouth.

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