You Can Encourage An Inactive Christian!

by Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • dubstepped

    I don't think they ever made a blanket statement to shun inactive ones in the first place. They said to avoid inactive ones that lead an immoral life that would be disfellowshipped if they were in the congregation. People ran with that as though they said to shun all inactive ones. Inactive ones are not all equal in their eyes.


    "His patience has made it possible for millions to come to their senses.." 😑

    That's approximately 8 million, the rest are going to be destroyed, even inactive ones. Am I making that up? NOPE...

    The F.O.G is so thick, that most Dubs will tell you that official doctrine preaches mercy for the "inactive." Yet TOMO 3 has decreed that inactive ones will be destroyed along with opposers. My own mother argued with me, despite being show TOMO's actual words.

    That being said, is it any wonder that confusion reigns supreme when it comes to association? My own family told me that it's ok if I don't believe everything in the WT magazine. Yet, we all know that "apostasy" includes not accepting doctrine, including the "current truth."

    For your own mental health, become a Taoist, and stop trying to make sense out of the lunacy of JWism...


  • ToesUp

    "They started running the race for life but have slowed down for various reasons, some of which are addressed in the brochure "

    Various reasons? I find this funny! The various reason is the hypocrisy, abuse and cruelty to it's members. There's your various reasons, not mentioned in the WT brochure. There are other "various reasons" but the list is too long.

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