Where the real abuse lies.

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    CTRWTF- Really good thread, thanks for posting these thoughts. Being born and raised in it myself until I escaped at age 44 over 12 years ago- I agree that it's a really awful thing to teach children from birth that they are " a people for special possession " or " are Jehovah's privileged people " . The WT leaders thus indoctrinate people from the womb to think that their shit doesn't stink- and that all other people in the " world " are inferior to them. It's a disgusting way to train people to feel that they are better than everyone else.

    To this day I cannot even stomach talking very much to my 90 year old JW elder dad ( he's been a JW since 1951 ) because he views himself as an elitist. Better than everyone else. To me the REAL crime committed here is from the WT Society leaders who INDOCTRINATE and MANIPULATE JW's to think this way ! It's like they truly believe they are freaking royalty when they are only normal humans like you and me. They shit brown like me and you and they bleed red like me and you.

    Pardon my bluntness - but having been raised by a City Overseer elder dad who thought he was freaking King Tut of JW Egypt or acted like royalty of Kings of England - I have little patience with the leaders of this dangerous mind control cult the WT Society and any excuses they make for their unethical and barbaric behavior . The greatest crime is the manipulation in totality that the WT leaders have pulled on JW's and the public for offering false promises and delusions for 136 years now in which JW's get NOTHING in return for their time spent. All mind control cults can NEVER deliver on any fake promises they make

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    @problem addict. I agree completely. Thanks to this forum we can all vent and contribute. Thanks for the perspective.

    @Flipper. If your dad was a city overseer was he from The CityPaTown? Pardon the blatant South Park ripoff.

    My dad was also more concerned about how we made him look than how we felt. I remember that title (city overseer) and it struck me then as now as another layer of status among those didn't really deserve any merit. To this day, I know that if my dad were alive and in full cult mode I would be disowned for my feelings about the wits.

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