Where the real abuse lies.

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  • ctrwtf

    Let me start with a disclaimer: I am in no way minimizing the horrific crimes done to children by pedophiles. I'm not downplaying the number of lives lost due to the blood issue, or hearts broken because of shunning. I do not want to discount the feelings of those who have come to the end of their lives with expectations of paradise postponed.

    But to me the biggest atrocity committed by this awful cult is raising children from a small age to believe that soon god will kill billions of people. And that they themselves may find themselves a victim of god's rage if they don't act and think perfectly. That their families will forget about them and live happily forever in paradise. From someone who was born in....those feelings of guilt and low self worth still haunt me from time to time.

    The tagline from the film "The Gift" is; Just because you're done with the past doesn't mean the past is done with you.

    Have I mentioned that I hate this awful cult?

  • tim3l0rd
    I agree because that fear then causes kids to accept other abuse.
  • pbrow

    Raising kids in this church is one of the worst things you can do to a kid. I, like you was a born in. It is the reason why I have a difficult time with people who choose to fade when they have small children in.

    My mother was not a uder dub. I was not hit over the head with the end of the world bs but I still never thought the world would survive past my 20th birthday because I was taken to meetings. When I wanted to play sports I was told that I was selfish for wanting to put football over god. I remember telling a guidance counsler that there was simply no reason for me to go to college. It wasnt until I had my own kids that I started to get serious as a dub and thats when i realized it was all bullshit.

    Get your kids out now! Losing a "friend" or "family member", hell, losing many friends or family members is a small price to pay for giving your child a life free from the dictatorial life of being raised as a child of a jehovahs witness.


  • clarity

    This disgusting watchtower teaching infects all other areas of their lives.

    When loved ones die, there is a gloom that hangs in the air. They are quite expressionless........as though the psyche & heart have been so abused .......like an overstretched rubber band ..... there is just a shrug of the shoulders ......oh well .. god will bring them back !

    They feel that it is just as well people die, because then god won't slaughter them at Armageddon! Better to be dead I guess. (sarcasm)

    As far as Education ........why bother.

    Career .......... why bother

    Marriage ...... only important thing ......mate is a jw!


  • flipper

    When I first started learning what the Watchtower was all about, and they still were coming to our door occasionally, I wanted to shake them by the shoulders and shout - don't subject your children to this cult!

    Now Flipper has a grandchild, born in October. Breaks my heart to think how he will be indoctrinated by his fanatical JW family. (Has already been taken to meetings and door to door.)

    The mother already told Flipper he can see the baby IF he comes back to meetings.

    They are a horrible, abusive cult. And this is what the children are taught.

    Mrs. Flip

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, anyone who gleefully looks forward to mass genocide is not a healthy minded person!

    And anyone who instills such thinking on impressionable young minds is even more deplorable!

  • fulltimestudent

    But we all 'accepted' this organisation at some point in our lives and in some way submitted to its rulings.


    For my part it was because I believed the biblical promises that they focused on.

    Was it a terrible experience? (As it is in some cults, where there is a culture of bullying) Was it all bad? I can't argue that it was for me.The Congregation Servant (this is back in the fifties) in the first congregation I was associated with was one of the most gentle men you could meet, with a deep personal interest in the well-being of all in the congregation. In another congregation in which I pioneered in Victoria, the sisters in the congregation spontaneously organised themselves to provide a hot meal each day for an elderly brother.

    Its true that Australia may have a different culture generally, and perhaps in the JW congregations of that country. It maybe that different nations see other nations in different ways. Most Australian witnesses that I knew thought that American witnesses were very materialistic, and that European witnesses were too free with alcohol (sorry if I'm treading on some toes). And, I heard that at Gilead, the Australian experience in WW2 was help up as an example of how rebellion may develop at the end of the 1000 years. The line of reasoning may have been that Aussies were too relaxed and couldn't see what was really rebellious.

    Those who stay (including my own kids), and are living in the western world, where there is an emphasis on personal freedom and individual choice, must find something attractive in witness life. I 'believed' like any Christian must believe, and assisted my kids to believe by choice. Did I brainwash them? That depends how you define 'brainwash.' I believed that raising questions and providing answers was the way to teach. That's the meaning of the word 'catechism,' - a summary of the principles of Christian religion in the form of questions and answers, used for religious instruction. And the Catholic church (a highly structured organisation) like the witnesses, still uses a catechism, to instruct children and converts.

    I decided not to be confrontational with my own kids (who were adults anyway). They want to stay in that organisation. What right do I have to be confrontational? They all seem to be OK people, with successful lives ( among the three marriages - one partner has undertaken tertiary studies, and another is involved in teaching dancing as a hobby). Some argue that they are wasting their lives. Maybe so! But some people say to me, why do you want to waste your life going to university and studying for exams, why don't you relax and go fishing, like me? The answer is because I want to (and anyway I hate fishing - the existential struggle of the fish upsets me). I see no reason to struggle against my kids, even though Christianity has placed a barrier between us.

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW but the "Elder" gave me the book on Families to see how I would react. I read the part on raising children and as a child advocate I did REACT. It was not pretty. That book alone had red flags glaring all through it.

    Some of the cartoons are red herrings. Most of them are abusive. I believe it was this past January or February had I of been a parent in a KH when it was aired I would not have needed a mic to been heard I would have instantly made it known how totally inappropriate that cartoon was for the children and any adult parent who passes that teaching on to their children are equally abusive.

    I have said before and I will say again this religion should be reserved for MEN ONLY, leave the children and women at home.

  • truthseekeriam

    I completely agree.

    I have two young adults, one who was abused sexually by a ex elder and both abused mentally by the religion.

    They both suffer with depression and anxiety, both are in therapy. One outwardly shows the issues while one prefers to keep it all inside. This religion really does a number on the youth...but we're not going down without a fight! They will lead normal lives one day. I'm a determined mom.

  • Miss Worldly
    Miss Worldly

    A friend of mine (non-JW) told me about her son. He was only 5yrs at the time. He came home from school one day and asked his mum, '. ........ says she's never going to die, but God will kill me. Why?'

    How do you explain that to a 5yr who is now extremely worried about his own mortality after chatting to a JW school friend?

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