Holy Spirit - Present or Gone in the Congregations?

by BourneIdentity 40 Replies latest jw experiences

  • truthlover123

    As I can see, the holy spirit has left... I believe the society is morally bankrupt and the Holy Spirit is causing the downfall.. less baptisms yet 8m plus adherents, cong numbers down, halls closing and being sold, as is assembly halls,

    This, in large part, to the child sex abuse scandal that has yet to be clarified to the congregations and until that is done and apologies made with monies being offered to those who have been the subject of these attacks, nothing is going to change. Who is to say.... the temple is being cleansed from the top down...…...it is happening and this is the outcome.. Today our CO gave a talk and included in it was a comment about child abuse - just as though they knew nothing about it.. leading the publishers ti think we are clean, holy people. THEY CAN NOT continue doing this... Own up! Be like the Catholic Church - they follow the same plan Pope (GB) Bishops (CO)

    Priests (elders) - no heirachy? YES there is..... WTBTS bringing in tons of money to pay out to law courts.. one rcent $40,000,000 had to be placed under bond to ensure monies would be there when settlement awarded. Another class action suit in Canada..... Tip of the iceberg that the Titanic is about to ram...

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