Some Religions Make Their Women Fat!

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  • WTWizard

    One reason is the pious-sneer diet. First, you get hounded that you need to lose weight. Then, you are stuck eating fast, good-tasting poison 5 or more times per week to keep your time going. They also discourage steady walking to help you lose weight or, at least, be "fit and fat" at the same time (this is when you are physically active but still are too fat, and with few or no health effects from the fat). You sit in a car all day driving or riding, or at a study. And, each time you try cutting a few calories, something comes up where you "need" to eat (usually at lunch).

    I have also found that the jokehovians are against doing anything that might improve themselves. "Wait on joke-hova" is the standard answer. Do they take vitamins? Remember, around 90% of Americans need more magnesium in their diets, and a good magnesium supplement might help a bit. But no, they hate when someone knows about which vitamin, mineral, or herb would help people to be just a bit less sick. Instead, it is prayer and studying that stupidity book (the LIE-ble) along with washtowel littera-trash. How much can you raise your metabolism by praying to a bunch of reptilians that laugh at you with each extra pound of lard you gain?

    Another thing is they are against fun. What happens when many people are bored? They eat. What happens when you eat because you are bored? In time, you get fat. Field circus does not alleviate the boredom--it aggravates it. You don't get to play video games, listen to real music, watch good videos, or play real games or read good books. Even going on vacation requires attendance at all boasting sessions and all field circus attendance. Do you wish to go from New York City to a country like Germany or New Zealand just so you can waste the whole thing on field circus? No fun there--so, boredom eating continues. Throw in sleep deprivation, and that is a recipe for, not only more eating, but making your metabolism even worse.

  • sir82

    Sir, this is an Arby's.

  • blondie

    I also realize that there are as many fat men as fat women in the WTS. Women tend to get the short end of the stick because they are judged more by the perception of their outward beauty. Men by their power and being a big guy tends to enforce men's power.

    I believe it is the stress and depression that drives the need to self medicate with food.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    @ Watchtower Wizard

    Wow you paint a pretty grim picture which is new to me, coz when I was PIMI I have had a pretty different scene than the one you mentioned. We had elders (personal friends and also a piece of sh##; realized way too late{another story for another time} ) arranging tennis sessions, cycling , hiking, days out, parties, welcome parties, send off parties etc.So our little group had our bit of fun and activities at weekends. Perhaps more so coz we were all active people ; but I must admit it made us so tired for Sunday morning meetings. But could anyone miss it, hell no ! Or else you know remarks from elders . We used to find excuses to have fun and activities, New Co is visiting partyyyy ! Co's last visit with us ,partyyy ! Someone new joined our cong, Partyyy, If no excuse then just for the hell of it we would arrange one. We had a few young ones in our cong, so I and my friends used to invite families with young ones and take them to Fun Days, Parks,and Other events that were held locally so they could also have fun. But if not for that yeah life as a JW can be boring.


  • TheFadingAlbatros

    Fat or ... fart ????

  • blondie

    A great of internal could make you look.

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