Some Religions Make Their Women Fat!

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  • TD

    The obesity problem is not confined to LDS women. It affects the men as well and appears to be regional for some strange reason.

    LDS ladies as a group are actually more attractive than average. (Speaking as someone who grew up within walking distance of a temple and even now lives within walking distance of an LDS church)

    It's a phenomenon that goes back to their early history and who their missionaries purposely recruited, but is still apparent even now.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    What are you talking about?


  • Giordano

    I little off subject but it may be of interest.

    I was talking to a guy who was originally from Ethiopia who really wanted to come to the US.

    I asked him why.......... figured he's say jobs.......... instead he said "I came here because even your poorest people can be fat".

    Later on I remembered that Ethiopia had gone through some terrible famines.

  • FedUpJW

    So, why don't Witnesses disfellowship/shun those who eat fast food and are obese?

    Because they are just building bigger temples?

  • blondie

    Because the WTS feels it is difficult to prove gluttony because being fat is not enough; thin people can be gluttons as well. It is like trying to df someone for slander, hard to prove per WTS guidelines.

    Many jws here were born after 1973 and were not adults when the use of tobacco, coca leaves, and betel nuts were made a dfing offense.

    It was not a health reason but the WTS said it is a form of spiritism.

    15. Even though tobacco is not specifically referred to in the Bible, how do Bible principles provide an answer to this issue?

    15 The Scriptural evidence points to the conclusion that they do not. As has been explained in other issues of this magazine, the Greek word phar·ma·kiʹa used by Bible writers and translated “practice of spiritism” or “spiritistic practices” has the initial meaning of “druggery.” (Gal. 5:20; Rev. 9:21) The term came to refer to spiritistic practices because of the close connection between the use of drugs and spiritism. Tobacco was also used initially by the American Indians in this way. It can properly be placed, therefore, in the category of addictive drugs like those that provided the source for the Greek term phar·ma·kiʹa. The nicotine in tobacco does not have the same mental and emotional effects produced by “hard” drugs such as heroin or the so-called psychedelic drugs like LSD; yet nicotine addiction does definitely affect the mind and exercises a strong enslavement...

    34-36. (a) Why is it reasonable that such practices should now be receiving judicial attention? (b) What responsibility thus rests on those serving as shepherds among God’s flock?

    34 It is little wonder, then, that, in these days of widespread addiction to drugs and the growing use of tobacco, those indulging in such things should come under judicial observation. Jehovah God, the Supreme Judge, is at his spiritual temple and is specially scrutinizing those who profess to worship him in that holy place. He has promised to be a speedy witness against the sorcerers or the practicers of spiritism, which from ancient times onward had a connection with habit-forming, enslaving drugs.

    35 Do we want to have Jehovah God be a speedy witness against us as addicts to drugs or other habit-forming injurious weeds, things that expose us to the influence of the spirit demons? Jehovah’s judgment against such addicts during the oncoming “great tribulation” will mean their destruction. (Rev. 21:8) Most assuredly, Jehovah God does not want such addicts among the congregation of his Christian witnesses now in this “conclusion of the system of things.” Of the promised “New Jerusalem,” Revelation 22:15says: “Outside are the dogs and those who practice spiritism [the druggers, Kingdom Interlinear translation] and the fornicators and the murderers and the idolaters and everyone liking and carrying on a lie.”

    A more comprehensive article on how using the above 3 things, tobacco (not just smoking but chewing and snuff, coca leaves, betel nuts)

    WTS comments on gluttony

    Actually, whether a person is thin or fat, his attitude toward food has much to do with whether he is being gluttonous. Is food the big thing in his life? If in the presence of others, does he selfishly ignore their needs and take far more than his share? Is he grossly overweight but exercises no restraint at all as to food, habitually gorging himself? Does he feel uncomfortable, perhaps even getting sick, because of having eaten too much? If this is the case as a matter of course, the individual has a definite problem. He needs to learn self-control.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Another thing I noticed before I left the Borg in 2001 was that the people at rural circuits assemblies were way heavier/fatter than the people that were in attendance at the City circuits assemblies.

    Please check out the web site "Why are Mormon women fat" it really has some good information on the causes of this.

    I believe the JWs and Mormons religions are very much alike on how they treat their women.

    Help mates? Or please my I have another "helping" of french fries!

  • Listener

    That's interesting Blondie. In that article they recognise overeating as a 'definite problem' but don't go as far as saying it is a serious sin.

    Also, one of the points to consider is whether food is a big thing in 'his' life? It's funny that they talk about this abstract person, a third person who is a male. But I doubt that there are many people who don't consider food as a big thing in their life.

    Since I prepare most of our food from scratch, I would find many hours a week spent on - buying/sourcing food, storing food appropriately, preparing and cooking food, serving food and keeping the kitchen clean. I'm not a GB member or Watchtower writer who's only concern is sitting at a table and eating food, not that I would want to be in that situation but it appears that having a healthy love for all things food related is wrong.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    For those who are obese they are actually suffering from malnutrition. Yes they may have lots of food to eat but it is most likely food full of fat and surgar. Process food which is addictive. This is the trap many normal weight and overweight people fall into. For most now a days eating whole food that is nutritious is not part of their lifes anymore. Many are victims of fast and cheap food. Still Totally ADD

  • zeb

    Being a jw is a very sedentary way of living. Sport is a no-no, and as we all know doing anyhting that is not wt related is too hence people are unfit, over weight and as i have seen seek comfort food all to often.

    I have mentioned this before but its my observation that as a group the jw are the sickest people.

    Now here si a side thought on illness.. how often are kh every properly ventilated? Air con? does anyone ever check the filters in the air con units? A ,lot of a/c systems only deal with the air thats there they dont bring in fresh air from outside... my god theres an irony....

    Since she returned to the T my wife is over weight when she was not before and now has BP problems.

  • TD

    What are you talking about?

    Mormonism. -A (very) male-centric religion which practised polygamy in its early years. Missionary journys became wife hunting expeditions and that legacy is still apparent in the Mormon population today.

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