Some Religions Make Their Women Fat!

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Sad but true. My ex-girlfriend was raised Mormon. So I went to a couple of her church services. I couldn't help but notice at the meetings how most the women there were over weight and packing some serious poundage.

    So, I Googled "Why are so many Mormon women fat?" Wow...there are a couple of web sites that explain this phenomenon. It seems that religions that suppress women seem to have this effect on them...they pig out so to speak.

    Just like the Mormons, If you go into most Kingdom Halls you will notice one of two things. Most the people there are women and most of them are over weight.

    Coincidence? Me think not!

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Because when you're not in control of your own life you comfort and distract yourself by doing the only thing you CAN control - EAT.

  • ShirleyW

    A lot of brothers are obese too

  • new boy
    new boy

    Yes you are both right of course

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Watch it you, If you dare call me fat ,I will eat you ....right after I finish this 12 pound cheese burger.

    On a serious note.. Now we are blaming religion for people being fat are we ? I disagree.


  • sparky1

    It's not just many of the women who are overweight in the Jehovah's Witness religion. Among their leaders on the Governing Body, are men who could stand to lose more than a few extra pounds. Mark Sanderson and Anthony Morris come to mind.

  • Tameria2001

    I figured out a while back why some people are just too fat, and it is one little thing. I'll explain.

    My mother became a JW back in the early 1970s, and at the time her weight was average, not skinny, nor fat, or obese. The longer she was in that religion she just got bigger and bigger. I haven't seen her in the last 18 years, but I have had relatives give me information on her from time to time. She has gained so much weight now that she is in a wheelchair. I know why, and it is not because of some medical reason that would cause it, but rather she is attempting to kill herself by food. A few years back when I was still a JW, my husband and I went to visit her, and we went to the local KFC, all you can eat buffet. The amount of food my mother took was astronomical. She consumed 3 heaping plates of food and one heaping plate of dessert. It was enough food that my husband and I could have spent the next four days in complete meals. I know my mother has some mental issues, but she refuses to get any help for what is bothering her. She has said on a number of times she is waiting for Jehovah to take over, and then he will give her a perfect body, so what's the point of caring now.

    The main problem with those involved in religion (cult or not) and don't keep their weight in check or care how big they get is because they all think they will get a second opportunity to have their god fix it by giving them a perfect body. I too thought this same way for many years, and I'm paying the price now. My weight is a constant struggle that I am always dealing with.

  • truth_b_known

    This topic is related to one I like to bring up to Witnesses -

    Why do Witnesses disfellowship/shun smokers? Answer: Because the Bible says our body is a temple to Jehovah and smoking/using tobacco products defiles your body.

    So, why don't Witnesses disfellowship/shun those who eat fast food and are obese?

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    So, why don't Witnesses disfellowship/shun those who eat fast food and are obese?

    They're not going to enforce that rule, even though it's in the "Super-Top-Secret No Girlz Alowd Elders' Treehouse Club Manual" as Neat Blue Dog put it. They know that as soon as they do, there will only be a handful of Witnesses left.

  • Tameria2001

    So, why don't Witnesses disfellowship/shun those who eat fast food and are obese?

    Simple, they would lose nearly every single member of the JWs, including the governing body.

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