Celebrating a birthday for the 1st time

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  • stuckinarut2

    We celebrated our first birthday last year (unstuck and I have a birthday one day apart)

    It was more of a celebration of the ability to celebrate if you know what I mean? Kind of a way to regain our own choice to act for ourselves rather than do what the cult told us to do.

    We found that it was more about the people we had there!

    So I would simply say, enjoy the day for the occasion it is! A family day to celebrate your lives and show gratitude for all you have.

    Enjoy! And "Happy Birthday!"

  • Diogenesister

    We do goodie bags in the UK- little bags we put a piece of cake in for each kid ( guest) with maybe a lollipop or sweeties ( candy) and I usually put a book in if they are at that learning to read age - just a cheap one. Or you can put a small novelty toy in.

    Have a look online for some party ideas there are so many great ideas for games and or decorations. A pinata of course will be super popular. " Pin the tail on the donkey" where you blindfold the kid and they have to guess where the donkey's bum is! Also " pass the parcel" is a good traditional game and "musical chairs".

    Actually most kids are happy just to be together and running around yelling !!

  • Finkelstein

    It's called an "appreciation day"

    and that's how most modren people perceive birthdays, they are an expression of love and appreciation for that person.

    One can debate whether birthday celebrations were originally sourced from worshiping gods or Kings in human history but that's distant and not connected to why people celebrated birthdays today. Its more of an expression of love and respect and taken from Christian perspective Jesus commanded his followers to love one another.

    Happy birthday to your little one WhyNot

  • Giordano

    We were out for a couple of years before our son came along. So we weren't influenced by the terrible teachings of the WTBTS. We always celebrated his birthday....screw the Society with their pedophile problem maybe it's a good idea that they downplay birthday celebrations for themselves.

    You know all of these dumb ass rules like don't use the word Lucky, don't throw rice at the Bride and Groom, don't raise a glass to toast them.

    I am firmly convinced that all of these ideas come from people involved with the WT writing staff who dream this crap up so they can get attention.

    And of course there is this:

    Not only does a mass movement depict the present as mean and miserable - it deliberately makes it so. It fashions a pattern of individual existence that is dour, hard, repressive and dull. It decries pleasures and comforts and extols the rigorous life. It views ordinary enjoyment as trivial or even discreditable, and represents the pursuit of personal happiness as immoral.
    Eric Hoffer....The True Believer.
  • Finkelstein

    I am firmly convinced that all of these ideas come from people involved with the WT

    writing staff who dream this crap up so they can get attention.

    Correct and when one reflects upon the realization that the top leaders of the WTS

    have proclaimed that god's holy spirit guides them, its not surprising.

    Its a psychological delusion that permeates these men.

    Its also an avocational pursuit toward their own self empowerment and personal identity.

  • snakeface

    I have been at the same job here for over 20 years. So when I was the cult they all knew my stand and respected it. They celebrated everyone's birthday except mine. They went ahead and had birthday cakes, sang "Happy Birthday" in the employee break room while I stayed at my desk and worked. They saw that it did not bother me; they were OK with it. After I left the cult - I think it's been 11 years now - they went all out for my first birthday. They had a huge cake - something better than what they normally have for anyone else - and lots of cards. Even the family members of the owner came. Afterward I sent everyone a thank you email and explained that I learned something from them. The WT teaches that birthday celebrations honor the person; this is not completely true. It is not a form of "worship". I learned that birthday celebrations are an opportunity to express appreciation for that persons individuality. What things are unique about that person that you appreciate. If the person likes dogs, they will usually get a birthday card with a dog theme/picture. If the person likes music, the card might have a musical theme, a picture of a piano or something. Those organizing the celebration put thought into which card to select, what kind of cake, and so on. So the birthday celebration is a way of telling the person, "Thank you for being you. We are glad we know you."

    And now, I enjoy celebrating EVERY holiday. At work for Flag Day (June 14) we all wore red white and blue ( or at least one of those colors) and had treats in the break room, on red white and blue plates. For St Patrick's day we all wear green; red for Valentine's Day, and so on. I and other men have those crazy flashy socks for each holiday. Everyone has a good laugh. We bring in treats or doughnuts or bagels, cookies, brownies etc. We even did stuff for Cinco de Mayo. These are all just "good clean fun"; we are not worshipping anything or anyone, we are not having any kind of fertility rituals or invoking false gods to bless our work.

  • blownaway

    Growing up a 4th gen cult member I don't get into birthdays. When you never had something its not a desire for me. I do go to my nieces who are young. Its a big thing to them so it is to me.

  • snakeface

    blownaway, I do understand what you mean. It doesn't matter to me either way if my birthday is celebrated, or if I get Christmas gifts/cars or not. But it is fun to do it for others, or to participate and be among the others who are celebrating.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Whynot: "How was it for you guys?"

    I never, ever thought I'd be celebrating birthdays when I first woke up. I still had that horrible feeling of dread associated with the concept. And when @stuckinarut2 and @Unstuck invited me to their joint birthday party, I held the invitation they'd handed me with the same trepidation of clutching a .45 semi automatic.

    I did go. And what unfolded was one of the most pleasant and happy experiences I could possibly associate with birthday celebrations.

    I loved it that much and was so inspired that a month later, I gave my son his very first birthday:

    You're creating memories for your child, @Whynot. And, if you're anything like me, you might get that frog in your throat the first time you see your child's face light up with delight as everyone unites to honor them for the afternoon. There's nothing more rewarding than gifting your child with the happiness of celebrating their life. It's a gift we were robbed of, so it's extra special when we bestow it upon the new generation of cult-free children. xxx

  • blownaway

    The same goes for Xmas for me. I don't like it. Its just a commercial POS holiday. But I do it for my nieces. I still hate the crowded lines and hype.

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