Celebrating a birthday for the 1st time

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  • Whynot

    After almost a year of thinking and eh feeling, not sure... I decided to throw a small birthday party for my son. This feels so strange, I have never been to a birthday party. My husband doesn't feel comfortable with it but he decided to play along lol. We're not calling it a B-day party though. It's called an "appreciation day" lol. I was thinking of getting cupcakes, pizza and ice cream then hitting a piƱata.

    What else do you do during a b-day party? I'm only inviting the neiborhood kids. Should I have music? Not sure...

    How was it for you guys?

  • pale.emperor

    I can relate entirely. I didnt know what to do on my first b.day celebration either. In the end, i made my daughters day simply all about her and made it her day. Cake and presents at a minimum but i found she was happy with that alone. It was just me and her because we didnt know anyone yet.

    For her next one, i held a small party of her best friends, kids games, bouncy castle and i made goody bags for the kids to take home - little bags with sweets (candy) and toys.

    As for my birthday... i could still take it or leave it. It has no feel. Thanks Watchtower :(

  • cofty

    I'm no expert on kid's party organisation but congratulations. He will love his first birthday.

    I'm guessing yes to the music. I would Google kids party ideas. Fun competitive games are always a hit with boys. By next year it will feel normal. Just remember - NO beheading anybody!

  • Whynot

    Cofty, bahaha! I promise I won't behead anyone lol

  • smiddy3

    It gets easier and easier every year demonizing ,birthdays are just another example of the G.B./J.W. straining at the gnat and gulping down the camel with their pettiness.

    I hope your son has a great day and that both parents do also .

    And don`t forget to give him a few presents also.

  • zeb

    One grandchild is soon for a birthday. I will be sendingthem some small present and truck loads of love. I told his dad i consider the no birthdays thing to be crap! A sensible birthday is a little recognition of the childs being.

    Have a great time. Think about getting a neighbour to 'run' the partty for you so you can just enjoy.


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    One of the simplest ways of showing love and appreciation to family and friends was demonized by the cult. When is came to normal human behavior the cult would warp it into something's else. I feel for you Whynot I went through the same thing at first. Just have fun with the day. Your child will remember it for a lifetime a human connection that makes the parent child relationship stronger. Have a great day. Still Totally ADD

  • carla

    Games and goody bags are a good idea. Music depends on age of kids.

    For goodness sakes, call it what it is! Birthday! if you don't you will have to explain why you are calling it 'appreciation day'. Do you want to go there on what should be a happy day? If you don't sing the birthday song it WILL be discussed among the other kids and your child will automatically be 'weird' because first they call it 'appreciation' day then they don't even sing Happy Birthday.

    If you are going this far, don't make your child a target for later. Either do it up right or don't invite other kids so your child has to pay the consequences for the adults phobias.

    Let the kid be a kid and have a normal birthday so someday they aren't here with stories of lame birthday parties but at least mom tried sort of thing. People do remember birthday parties their entire life.

    I was recently on fb and some men were discussing another guys birthday parties from nearly 50 years ago and how much fun they had and how so & so got hurt, how funny it was, etc....yeah, I was surprised men remembered it but here they are still friends all these years later reminiscing about birthday parties.

  • carla

    ps- sorry, not trying to put pressure on you but really it is just a party of kids. Put a time limit on and have fun.

    Your husband doesn't have to be comfortable it isn't for him.

  • ttdtt

    Good for you. It will get easier.

    P.S. Did you know that B-Day parties are not DF-able, nor Reprovable.

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