Measuring my progress by past threads....

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    My conclusion is, I hope this site is :-

    A) FIRST about solving PRACTICAL problems of people leaving the W.T,

    b) secondly about if God exists or Not.

    So what have I learnt since reading my first posts from 6 months ago?

    Well I am embarresed and amazed how I have progressed.( embarresed my spelling is still shit and amazed if my threads are still read) But more importantly I have learnt, it doesn't matter what we believe, what is important is that we can believe what we believe and respectfully be challenged. And my only rule is my words and thoughts are not by a dictator that says you must wear my "SWASTIKA"

    So whilst Cofty, D.J.S, Slimboyfat, and others, MAY LEAVE ME MORE "CONFUSED" THAN EVER, with their thinking, I do appreciate, the effort they have made to a stranger in hyperspace. And the truth is I couldn't write to any of my " former" friends in the congregation with such honesty as I can on the internet. ( that would have been crossing THE NAZI LINE.)

    So my final point is that we can't all express our thoughts, anymore than I the writer can even understood what I wrote, nor can I presume to understand that people can understand what I have written?

    So how can truth and facts express itself in letters?

    At least we are not FORCED to listen ,and put our HANDS up in public and READ, as we were in W.T land, ( particularly when we new it was bullshit)

    So my question, how have you changed since your first post, on this site?

    The Rebel

  • jhine
    Nice that you have felt welcomed .Six months isn't very long to sort out your thoughts after being freed from the WT thought prison . So keep calm and keep thinking ! Jan
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Jan" So keep calm and thinking"

    The Rebel, As a witness truth was written in books, whatever the G.B wrote was holy, but the truth is not in books, TO KNOW BOOKS SHOULD MEAN " KNOWING" AUTHORS, and this is hidden in the W.T and the science world of books. Anyway now, for me novels are better than W.T books, adventure books, better than science, but I still prefer the funny books to both.

    The Rebel

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Sometimes it can decades, for someone to sort out their feelings after leaving the Borg.
  • cofty
    I think my opposition to religion is more nuanced than it was 6 years ago.
  • DJS

    The Rebel,

    As I've noted, I was out nearly 20 years before joining any ex-dub site, so I had no clue what the typical ex-dub looked like. We all project onto others our personality traits, so naturally I thought everyone looked like me or Cofty - you know, rational, thoughtful and by now nearly finished with theism.

    I wasn't prepared for the reality. Mr. Impatient (me) meet Mr./Ms. ex-Dub in all of their irrational, emotion driven glory.

    I'm much more of an ass now. But I'm working on it. Otherwise I'm much more educated on topics I didn't know much about, such as evolution.

  • Finkelstein

    So my question, how have you changed since your first post, on this site?

    Not much realty , I was was out the Borg decades prior to coming here, I just wanted to help people untangle themselves in this very destructive corrupt cult, which has caused so much harm to so many people.

  • Phizzy

    When I first was on this Site I was still a believer in some sort of Creator/god, I was still a believer in the Bible.

    In a fairly short time I learned the truth about the Bible, and shortly after that searched for satisfactory evidence of any god at all, and found none.

    So, from believing in myth and legend, I have come to be a rationalist/materialist I suppose.

    I am much more educated.

    The main personality difference is that I am more humble, tolerant and empathetic than I was when I first posted.

    I feel this place has helped me to grow up.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Best thing about being out is having real freedom of thought and speech.

    Since forever I am very curious about everything (those who know me personally also know I will check facts about the weirdest things during a conversation), but some topics were off limits.... Now they are not.

    I love it that I can discuss any topic with people who either think the same or something else as I do.

    Some know a lot more or a lot less on certain topics.

    And I drink it all in to expand my knowledge.

    I strongly believe that understanding what other people believe and know if beneficial for me and my relations with others.

    And in the process I notice I am losing my inner Witness who knows he has The Truth...I become more humble and open to multiple interpretations.

    I don't need to be right anymore...(as long as I'm not wrong ;-) )

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    **I love it that I can discuss any topic with people who either think the same or something else as I do**

    You gotta love how you can just speak your mind on here, and ask questions freely and expressing doubts. In the real WT world, you just cant do that. With dire consequences if they do question, doubt.

    For doubting WTs, who have genuine questions this site proves as a big time benefit!!!

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