Measuring my progress by past threads....

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  • HB

    My journey here has strangely been in the exact opposite direction of most members of this forum.

    I came here 8 years ago knowing virtually nothing about Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Watchtower. Now I know a huge amount.

    My bible knowledge, although still very scant, is 1000% better than it was prior to signing up here.

    I'm still a Humanist but have learnt more here about the psychology of belief than in any book. And I have especially learned a lot about the emotional effects of being in a cult.

    Last Saturday I chatted at the door with a JW mum and teenage daughter for 25minutes, and evaluating afterwards, I was pleased that my approach and technique has improved vastly since I first joined the forum and I now have much more success in getting them to think.

    So while most have been getting away from the JW cult, I've been.... not exactly getting into it, more like getting on top of it (to help squash it!)

  • smiddy

    Like DJS , I too , was out about 20 years before i eventually found this site.And even then I had apprehension , doubts about becoming involved in such a forum. ( Oh , the power of indoctrination )

    Thankfully I did persevere , and I think I have become a much more tolerant person to people whose lifestyles are so different from mine .

    I have learnt so much more about the Bible , it`s pluses and it`s negatives than I ever learned from 33 years as a JW. , and we considered ourselves as Bible students. What a Joke.

    If anybody wants to get a real education about the Bible , Christian beliefs , and Christian Cults , but also a range of other topics that are discussed not always religious , this is the site for you.

    You can speak your mind freely and get feedback , an interchange of ideas ,without sanctions .


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