Gorby's question about current US situation

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  • Gorbatchov

    Thanks for the comments.

    2+2=5, i don's see the Eurooe connection, but that can be my bias.

    What I see is much current problems in the US, the country I love so much.

    I hope it will end up in a good scenario.


  • smiddy3

    .It might be interesting to compare how the chinese Govt.handles protesters ,Hong Kong,Tiananmen square and how the USA handles protesters.

    Of course the situations are much different in both places but I doubt very much that Beijing would tolerate the protesters trashing and looting any place at all.

    As for a civil war I very much doubt it .

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    One thing which would help would be better police personnel -- each officer having passed psychometric tests before being let loose into the public arena.

    My first encounter with the US police shocked me with the policeman's incandescent rage at my minor traffic violation due to me being unfamiliar with American laws, something in Britain that would never be expected and especially with foreigners.

    Better police needed.

  • DesirousOfChange
    Better police needed.

    Well said.

    Wont happen.

  • mikeflood

    Civil war, like a conventional civil war, isn't gonna happen. However, because the political divide is so huge right now, things could get violent very easy. If the left keep pushing socialist things in this country, I'm worried the militias or even the generals could react. After Trump people aren't gonna be sheep again. Thoughts?

  • TD

    Civil unrest was many times worse in the 1960's. We worked through it.

  • cyberjesus

    Possible? yes. Probable? No

    And to the comment that US soldiers wouldn't kill their own country men..... This whole mess is because one US law enforcement officer slaughter another man from his own country.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Strange I mentioned the National Guard and they are now being deployed not related to Covid but instead protestation of the death of another black man under the knee of law enforcement.

    Watch how fast this shit stops. With minimal Guard deployed.

    I'm embarrassed by this criminal underbelly of whiners in this country. I have two children serving in the military if you can not tell by my posts. I wonder if their service is even warranted. Why fight for the freedom of retarded people of every color and creed when they act like assholes.

    Suffering from months of lockdown and now destroyed by looting and curfew. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!

    Police are hamstrung out of fear of now being sued or jailed. The military needs to act by spraying bullets! END THIS ANARCHY WITH THE POWER VESTED IN YOU!

    Would end this shit immediately.

  • stillMS

    Sorry to say that, but - "Welcome to the hybrid war era, dear US brothers and sisters".

    There are several states/groups in the world openly hating the USA, its allies and the Western civilization as a whole. They are not capable of winning a conventional war - so, guess what would they want to do?


    Here, in Ukraine, we had the similar crazy stuff going on in 2013/2014 inspired and heated by the Russian media/finances/weapons/proxies, etc. In the early 2014, it was first just ridiculous to hear their chants about a possibility of a 'civil war' in our country. And now - guess what? We've got 6+ years of a so called 'civil' war (in fact, with Russian army and Russian proxies) with no end to it in sight.

  • Simon

    There is already a civil war, a culture war, between people that want a civilized society with some semblance of law and order on one side and those who want anarchy and destruction on the other.

    Once again, the world is living in a time when the left has been allowed to infiltrate and spread their deadly ideas and we reach a point where it boils over into violence.

    Antifa are the brown-shirts of modern day nazism. They need to be stamped out because we've seen what happens if they are not and they are allowed to act with impunity.

    I don't trust the police to do it because they are often under the direct control of those sympathetic to and seeking to benefit from the antifa-types.

    Once again we have a paramilitary arm of the democratic party bullying and destroying in order to grab power that they want to misuse for their own ends.

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