Belly button

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  • moley

    Just a thought. Would those who are resurrected (if it existed) to the new system have bellybuttons

  • _Morpheus

    Lol old riddle/theoretical jw question. I usually argued “no” as its a hold over from the womb and those resurected wouldnt have needed it. Others argued it would be anatomically weird to not have it and as a kindness the desert god would provide one.

  • blisterfeet

    LOL I remember this question being such a big deal! I always would argue that bellybuttons are scars. In the "new system" all imperfections including scars on the body would be healed.

  • Wild_Thing

    When I was a kid, the visiting Circuit Overseer told me a "riddle". He said that a man was resurrected that they have confirmed is the original Adam. How did they know for sure? The answer was "because he didn't have a belly button". I know ... lame.

  • Xanthippe

    I remember that, people would say it would be a kindness to give them a belly button so they didn't feel odd. What a strange God, a person wakes up in the resurrection to find all their relatives and neighbour's have been destroyed but they have been allowed to have a belly button because He is kind!

  • FedUpJW

    The bigger issue is whether they would be "innies" or "outies".

  • charonsdog
    I remember having a discussion with a newly-minted elder (long after I had stepped down, been DF'd, and returned as PIMO) about the resurrection and the return to perfection. I posed the examples of those who were amputees getting their limbs returned. Bald persons who would have a full head of hair. And then I dropped the hammer on him and asked him if I'd get my foreskin back in the "New Order". He didn't appreciate it.
  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
  • galaxie

    Who's DNA will they share ? The whole resurrection belief is whacky beyond belief! !

  • punkofnice

    You must avert your eyes in case you come under the influence of masturbation.

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