Where does WT get their money?

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  • Dreamerdude
    Wizard, I got wise like you and stopped donating too. I don't have much silver yet, by I do enjoy ice cream.
  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    Making money form donations is one thing. But something that really is disgusting is making money from shares in companies that manufacture and sell weapons, that is so hypocritical. And the dubs are not aware of that.
  • Bugbear

    I can tell you that here in sweden, they have closed the bransch office, sold out the assembly hall, and a number of KH:s. Its surely shows that northern europe is not their "money maker"... But sweden denmark norway and Netherlands are also the most atheistic countries in the world. No religion will have any success here. Not even the different Islamic versions...


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    Don't over estimate the generosity of the UK brothers when it comes to donations. They are the meanest bunch of tight wads on the planet!
  • Dreamerdude
    I wonder if WT gets more revenue from real estate sales than from donations in Scandinavia, maybe UK too? The Brooklyn real estate sales generate huge revenues, for now. Maybe they'll buy more stocks in munitions companies, like the ones driving force mentions, if they have money left over from lawsuits.
  • Phizzy

    The money has not been flowing in as it used to, this is evident by all the cut-backs, and asset sales.

    A Corporation like the WT/JW Scam needs cash flowing in, they have expenses. Their business model is a clever one, virtually no overheads of the kind a conventional Corporation that pays its employees and pays its taxes would have.

    But, even so, I think there comes a "Tipping Point" where the Org is in trouble. This may be some way off, but you only sell assets once, and the old revenue streams are mostly gone, literature sales and big profits on Conventions etc.

    They have squeezed the R&F until the pips squeak, that source is slowing down.

    Lack of cash may finish them in the end.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Well, now we know how the WT is getting some of their money. They just sold one of their properties for $105 million!


  • Dreamerdude
    Level, that's $13 per publisher. They should put the story about this major real estate sale on there website and give everyone a free day pass to an Assembly Hall.
  • freddo

    One source is old widows without kids. Sometimes even with kids.

    Old widows whose unbelieving husbands left them a house and an income stream.

    It either gets left to the congregation in which case the puppet elders (eventually) send it to "mother" or direct to the branch.

  • Lieu

    From the adherents pockets. Then they buy real estate from said adherents funds of which they later sell. Keeping said monies while asking adherents to provide more monies for more property aquisitions ... which will later also be sold.

    Meanwhile, adherents will never see a return (such as food, clothing, real help when needed) from all their donations.

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