70 inch t.v.'s on stage

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  • dbq407

    So the other night we had a resolution to purchase two 70 inch t.v.'s to hang on either side of the stage. And also a smaller t.v. for the second school room. The cost is $3600 for the t.v.'s and associated components, including the wireless streaming device (i assume roku since they did promote that at meeting a couple months ago). We already have a motorized projection screen that comes out of the ceiling and a projector that we invested a couple thousand dollars in only a few years ago. But the explanation for the new t.v.'s was that it would save time from having to move the podium out of the way of the projector screen and that everyone would be able to have a clear view (i'm pretty sure the 130 inch projector screen was enough for everyone to see).

    Anyways it just bugs me that they 1. don't give each individual the right to decide if they wanna donate towards this wasteful project 2. we already had a huge projector screen that worked perfectly fine for their brainwashing videos from their website 3. wouldn't the money be better spent building kingdom halls in less fortunate countries? They build them little shacks while here we need 3 t.v.'s and a projector for some reason.

    end rant

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Just don't donate.
  • dbq407
    No worries there, i'll never give a dollar to the WTBS. They fleece the flock enough.
  • Quarterback
    You sound like you should be on the LDC. We already had the money for that in our hands, and the LDC guy left with that and told us to make due. I bet you our money won't be used for a New KH too.
  • Oubliette

    Lord won't you buy me a big screen tv!


  • LevelThePlayingField

    dbp407 you make all valid points though. What's wrong with the projector in the first place. This whole JW.Org has gone from little to so big in such a little amount of time it seems that's all the GB is concentrating on. And I think two main reasons why is it costs pennies on the dollar and because this way all the indoctrination comes directly from them. That's why the slave is promoting everyone into getting these "electronic devices". If you go back to the late 1990's the internet was demonized.


    So the other night we had a resolution to purchase two 70 inch t.v.'s to hang on either side of the stage.....dbq407

    ..................On a 70 Inch Screen..

    ................MY WILLIE IS THIS BIG..

    ........Image result for watchtower geoffrey jackson

  • stuckinarut2

    Centralisation of all information fed to the masses.

    More and more videos etc, so there is NO ROOM for any variation from the script.....

    NO local speaker can vary....no room for anything except controlled info.....which is not necessarily a bad thing actually....

  • Wild_Thing

    Projectors and projector screens? Giant TVs and Roku boxes? Wifi in Kingdom Halls and a JW Broadcasting station?

    Seriously! If I were to go back today, I would not know how to act! It doesn't even sound like the same religion! I completely expect to start seeing crazy Lett have his own Evangelical show on JW tv with an 800 number to call and donate money to the Lord!

  • smiddy

    I loved that clip Ob ,thanks for sharing.


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