JW detained in Putin's Russia ... accused of extremism

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  • OrphanCrow

    You are forgiven stillMS.

    Corney: I hope you know how to distinguish facts from misinterpretations, fantasies and unchecked fake news that are frequent on that site with...

    Set your mind at rest, Corney. You have no need to worry about my ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. Not only did I figure out that the WTS was lying when I left over 40 years ago but I also have a Master's degree in Intermedia Studies. Studying the techniques of propaganda production is a hobby for me.

  • stillMS

    How ironical - the Russian Orthodox so called 'church' that throughout decades used to blame jdubs to be a 'sect' has now become an Orthodox sect itself. Good news! - even despite it has been a KGB pseudo-church since its very founding by Stalin in 1943.


  • sparrowdown

    Funny how cults and sects don't like being called a cult or a sect and they get really pissy at the thought of competition from some other cult or sect.

    Go figure.

  • stillMS

    and just for fun - a video about Russian Orthodox pseudo-church headed by a KGB/FSB agent from a Russian underground punk-rock band:


    I guess it should be clear even for those who don't know a word in Russian.

  • sparrowdown

    Oh I meant to say don't worry Orphan Crow I know you're not a commie (ROFLMAO!) So I won't blacklist you 😆😉😃

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