JW detained in Putin's Russia ... accused of extremism

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  • mikeflood

    From BBC news "five JW's from the Kirov region detained with about $ 7,500 accused of funding and organizing meetings....they found literature...and two hand granades and a landmine". The Russians are such idiots planting evidence....and quarrelling with the neutral and sheepish JW land...and of course inflamating their persecution complex.

  • Bad_Wolf

    While I support the ban, planting stuff and those weapons is too far. That is so odd.

  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    So, Russia finds 5 JDubs funnelling $7,500 in funds back to Warwick USA. Instead of doing JWs a public service by launching a MONEY LAUNDERING investigation, adding serious expose to the world media, we are sold the story of JWs concealing "a landmine and 2 hand grenades". Really? How believable? What a pathetic missed opportunity. It plays into the GB's hands, underscoring the "persecution complex" prophecies, and COMPLETELY DISCREDITS the legitimate story of a cult funnelling funds illegally back to the USA. Hard-core JDubs will be salivating over this as they raid Wallmart to buy their food prep supplies ready for barricading themselves into their bunkers. (Head in my hands, muttering my disbelief)

  • Simon

    I struggle to think of a reason they would plant such things. Isn't it conceivable that it could be true?

    Here in Canada we just had naked JWs kidnapping people. Who knows what some Russian JW has in their garden shed.

  • truthseeker
    If the story is true then I think the bunker videos the WT puts out and it’s persecutiom complex of Gog of Magog attacking them is going to have a psychologically damaging effect on those individuals predisposed towards extremism.
  • OrphanCrow

    Darth, I don't think that the JWs were found to be funneling money back to the US. They were simply found with that money. Collecting funds to organise extremist meetings would be sufficient to be considered unlawful under Russia's extremist laws

    The JWs in Russia no longer have the right to organize or raise funds to do so. They are no longer a recognized religion and therefore no longer have religious rights.

  • steve2

    When you belong to a banned group but allegedly continue actively involving yourself in that group, you are incredibly vulnerable to coming to the attention of the secular authorities - especially in a country that is not known for upholding human rights. Under that sort of circumstance, the authorities can potentially have a field day throwing all sorts of additional charges at you (whether true or not). If JWs in that country come across to the police as "virtuous" and "determined" to ignore the ban, it just might be tempting for police to try to break them - and further smear their reputation - by accusing them of "extremist" criminal activity, including building up a weapons arsenal. On the other hand, the police stating they found two hand granades and a land mine doesn't sound like that big an arsenal.

  • OrphanCrow
    On the other hand, the police stating they found two hand granades and a land mine doesn't sound like that big an arsenal
    • Sounds more like WW2 souvenirs

  • Listener
    we are sold the story of JWs concealing "a landmine and 2 hand grenades"

    If true, I wonder where they would have obtained them?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    The corner market.

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