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  • Xanthippe

    I think we need to focus on emotions in this situation. People often say they were hurt by the unjust treatment they received in JCs or at the hand of elders when they were going through tough personal issues.

    Trying to convince people the JW teachings are wrong doesn't seem to get anywhere when the mind control has caused brain lockdown. Trying to focus on the sadness, injustice, hurt feelings might get better results. Questions like, do you think that was a Christian/ loving thing to do or say to you?

  • cofty

    One of the problems you are up against is that JWs will always assume that unloving actions are the fault of 'imperfect' elders. If only the GB knew what was really going on they would put it right.

    The same thing happened under Stalin. He was personally behind the atrocities committed in the USSR but the people blamed lesser officials and wrote letters of appeal to him.

    That is why I think both emotional appeal and facts are important. When bad things happen the mental shields come down and doubts flourish.

  • Spiral
    sparrowdown4 hours ago4 hours ago

    JWs like to get "reactions" then, they can judge you based on the reaction. They like to think just their very presence causes admiration and guilt from onlookers. Admiration at their being so good and guilt at not being as good as them. Because of course everyone is watching them - very narcissistic!

    I find indifference to their beliefs and their culty social games really gets to them. They really have no idea what to do with indifference. As I said they need a reaction any reaction so they can interpret it and label you as either "guilty" or "bitter" or "pathetic loser" or "weak and ashamed" etc etc. If they are met with smiling indifference to their religious beliefs combined with calm assertiveness ie giving them nothing they can "read" it's like they become genuinely intrigued with why you are immune to their guilt-inducing superpowers.

    I'm with sparrowdown on this one. For our relatives, "living well is the best re[sponse]". Mr. Spiral and I just don't care any more and it's been noticed..... but funny thing is, no one argues with us any more. I also guess our JW relatives gave up on expecting our lives to explode, so now they don't know how to respond. We hear from them from time to time and we are responsive, but they don't bring up JW dogma to us any more. Their brains are still on lockdown, yet they have to see that there's another way of looking at the world, and it's working for us. We don't give them any resistance, but we don't try to engage in any JWisms (is that a word?) either.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    They are to coin a phrase

    'captives of a concept'

    That is ..they view the watchtower society as God's only true religion on earth. Everything outside of the watchtower is satanic.

    That's why the JW brain goes into lock down

  • Xanthippe

    The tendency to describe unloviing actions by elders as imperfection is totally cult mind control. The organization introduced the phrase and concept of God working through imperfect men so that when they get the predictions wrong the cult survives.

    The JWs who continue to believe in 'imperfections' after decades of abuse by untrained clergy are just terrified of the domino effect of the thought that if people are acting in an unjust, unchristian way perhaps it means they are not appointed by Holy Spirit after all. If that's true then perhaps this isn't the true religion and if that's the case my whole life has been a waste of time, I'm going to die, no paradise is coming, I don't even have a pension ......

    Only when the pain of being in the organization controlled by leaders that don't care whether you live or die becomes more unbearable than the pain of no panda paradise can facts begin to be absorbed. It's human to opt for the least amount of pain.

  • jp1692

    To paraphrase Steven Hassan: "Never discuss doctrine!"

  • jp1692

    Here are a couple of other ideas on this subject:

    The best chance of reaching a loved one that is in a cult is simply respectful, heartfelt communication. Unfortunately there is no “magic-bullet” or one approach that always works.

    As counseling psychologist Michael D. Langone, PhD, the Executive Director of the ICSA, explains, the best approach is the “patient, persistent communication of that which ultimately shatters all walls: truth, honesty, respect and love” (Giambalvo, 5).

    Here also is an anecdotal account of what worked for one former JW cult member and how her husband helped her learn TTATT:

    1. Do not use or share any “apostate” material (study it before for topics and ideas, but do not directly mention or reference)

    2. Never criticized or put down the organization, GB, elders, etc. Very important since one is so sensitive to that subject when you believe they are directed by Jehovah.

    3. Never, ever discuss doctrine

    4. Never disrespected the JW’s beliefs.

    5. Share doubts, but do so in a humble, non-confrontation manner. Don’t assert definite answers or proof: “I researched this and found out it's not the truth because ... blah blah blah. …”

    6. Use lots of questions and try to let your relative/loved one think for themselves.

  • Phizzy

    Thank you JP, I think your comments are wise. I really like a lot of the J.W's I knew when I was in, and any opportunity I have to speak with them I would like to use to the best advantage. Your Post is helpful,as are others above.

    It is a huge problem though, that the JW you are talking to simply cannot appraise and assimilate what you are saying because the hugely effective "Lockdown" of their thinking abilities has been achieved by the JW Org.

    I do know what has happened to their mind, my own was in a similar state, though I never swallowed all the JW bullshit, but I understand where they are at. I just wish there was a way to unlock their minds, like opening a Safe, as mine was unlocked.

    Probably it is an individual thing, what unlocked my mind would not affect another J.W.

    I think it comes down to " When the Student is ready, the Teacher shall appear".

  • jp1692

    You're welcome, Phizzy!

  • Finkelstein

    The JW mind is in LOCKDOWN. It simply cannot accept facts, evidence, reasoning or whatever that goes against what they believe.

    Your right jp and that's the result of deep ingrained fear of that might create contravening knowledge.

    The JWS are put into a subjective state of being brainwashed.

    Jehovah doesn't like people who go to college and receive higher education anyways, all that's beneficial for mankind is written in the bible, as the Watchtower used to say.

    The life of a devout JWS is composed of reconfirmation their beliefs on a constant basis, the wicked system of things run by Satan etc.

    We are the righteous among humanity, all other are sinners doomed for destruction so we cant wait for Jah to destroy this world and all the unfaithful to him, so we can own it all to are selves in tranquil paradise.

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