Pale.Emperor Meets The Mormons

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  • EverApostate

    Fascinating truths from the above Video. Goosebumps all over. How can I become a Mormon ?

  • jookbeard

    I was fascinated with them as well, and when I separated from my jw wife and moved a few miles away they would often cover the area where I lived on the D2D work, they called one time I invited them in and we had a good chat but I told them I wasn't interested they would be wasting their time with me, the problem is they kept calling over the next few months and I had to warn them in no uncertain terms to never call again, my mate another exjw who came out around the same time started a proper study with them in his home and asked me to sit in on one time, but because I was reading so much on cults and sects I was able to raise a lot of objections to the study, I did find though as with the jw's they do have a lot of proof texts from the bible to justify their doctrines but the lady actually got quite angry with me one time, my mate did not continue much longer.

  • btlc

    Ten years ago two of them came to my door and left The Book of Mormon and some pamphlets. I read a first hundred pages till their next visit, and i noticed some chapters from The Book of Isaiah. Pamphlet said that J. Smith translated that text 1827 AD from original golden plates buried in 421 BCE. Wow, i said, that should be the oldest and the most accurate bible text. A little googling shows me just a KJV copy/paste, with all mistranslations and errors acceptable for early 17. century, but not for angel's guided, urim and thumim supported translation. And how ffs plates buried in 5th century BCE and dug out in 19th century AD can contain a text compiled in the mean time, in the 17th century AD, anyway? When i pointed to that, those two guys just standed up and they went away and never came back. And i lost my chance to improve my english for free...

  • pale.emperor


    I came home from work to find a note posted through my letter box. It reads:

    Hi [Pale.Emperor]!

    We hope you've started reading your copy of the Book of Mormon. As you read, you will come to know of your great potential and understand Gods love for you. Pay attention to your feelings as you read. If you have questions text or call us.

    Hope we can meet.

    - Sister missionaries.

    [Mobile phone number at the bottom]

    So the Mormon Church is sending me women now? Clearly the Mormon God doesn't know me well enough... or he knows me too well... I'm quite the womanizer.

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    I also spent some time comparing the websites of the Mormons (there are a couple of sites for all ages etc) and the JW site.

    The comparisons and similarities are interesting! (I even started a few threads on it here a while back)

    Using their own topics from the site is enough to raise awareness of the stupidity of the religion.

    Failing that, simply watch the south park episode with them! "Dumb dumb dumb dumb" (those who have watched it will get that reference!)

  • stuckinarut2
  • slimboyfat
    I've always been curious how they explain away the genetic evidence that North American natives are not descended from "the lost 10 tribes of Israel".

    One explanation I've read: Mormons believe that Israelites travelled to America, but they don't believe that the whole population of the Americas came from the Israelites. Only a very small proportion. Most native Americans descend from people from Asia who crossed the Bering Strait thousands of years ago. The relatively small numbers of Israelites who joined the may have (conveniently) left little or no trace in the current gene pool.

    Apologists have got an "answer" for everything. Especially Mormon apologists.

  • Onager

    On the note put through your door, I'm pretty sure I saw a documentary on the Mormons that said they do deliberately use Honeypot entrapment techniques. It was the documentary that was the first to show the inside of the big temple place, can't remember the name of it now, but I remember thinking that if I could get my JW family to watch it they would have to find parallels between the way things are carried on.

  • nowwhat?

    The gb are saying: "if they can get 15 million to buy into their batshit crazy stuff, why can't we?!"

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