Pale.Emperor Meets The Mormons

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  • pale.emperor

    When I was a JW I was fascinated with the Mormon religion. I never believed a word of it of course, but I was interested in their religion like most boys were interested in Star Wars. I’ve read the Book Of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl Of Great Price, Book Of Abraham, watched their videos, read critical books by ex Mormons etc etc… (strange at the time that I never did this with my own religion!).

    At this point I’d only ever met Mormons twice. Once when I was about 10yo and they knocked on our door and gave me a little tract and my mum told me off for taking their literature. The second time was in a Park in Widnes. Had a great chat and I refuted their beliefs with JW theology (or so I thought).

    So imagine my surprise when there’s a knock on my door at about 8pm. Usually I wouldn’t answer as it could be the TV license people asking to see if I own a TV (long story). But I opened it and there were two very smiley Mormon boys. One was from Colorado, the other from South Africa. I shook their hands and told them I used to be a JW so I know what it’s like knocking on doors and I bet nobody has been interested right? The laughed and said yes.

    So I thought, what the heck, I invited them in. (The exMormon reddit people have told me this was my first mistake). I made the schoolboy error of offering them a cup of tea. They, of course, declined. I totally forgot they don’t drink tea/coffee/cola. So instead we had water. (It was either that or beer, wine or milk!).

    They shown me a small pamphlet containing a picture of Joseph Smith’s first vision, explained it to me (I already knew about the first vision and the conflicting accounts around it). I told them I’ve just left a high control religion and I have no intention of joining another, and don’t actually believe in God. They bore their testimony about “knowing” that the Mormon church is the one true church and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I didn’t want to sound mean so I said that’s nice… but I don’t believe that. I believe he said he was a prophet. But that doesn’t mean he was.

    Long story short – they gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon, a few pamphlets and a little card with their phone numbers on it.

    Very nice boys. But I wont be inviting them in a second time. The exMormon Reddit members tell me I’ll be hounded now as a return visit. I know the score. But I’ll have to be a little more controversial with the topics I bring up next time at my door step. Blacks in the church maybe? God living on a star called Kolob?

  • punkofnice

    You're far more hospitable than I'd be. I wouldn't be rude, I hasten to add...just not interested.

    Did you find they use a form of 'theocratic warfare(tm)' to try to entrap you into their loony cult?

  • Onager

    I will try to be more like you in the future Pale Emperor.

  • joe134cd

    Exactly the same scenario.

  • sir82

    I've always been curious how they explain away the genetic evidence that North American natives are not descended from "the lost 10 tribes of Israel".

    I'm curious about whether they have some pseudo-scientfic mumbo-jumbo developed, or if they just dismiss the geneticists as "tools of Satan" or something like that.

    Maybe you could ask them about that.

  • EverApostate

    I too met the Mormons a couple of times after I quit JW.

    Once I asked them if they truly believed in the Golden plates and how and why it was later taken away. The funny method by which their revelation was decoded... with some magical hat, stones and stuff. No Black people in their church until the 70's. They said they honestly believed that. Why would they not ?

    I told them that "You guys are educated, why cant you do some investigation on your religion and see if your beliefs are Bizarre. "

    Hoped this may have touched their ego to do some critical thinking. May be I had sown some seeds of doubt which would have sprouted later.

  • scratchme1010
    Blacks in the church maybe? God living on a star called Kolob?

    How about trying to get what's in it for them? Discussing their teachings and history I'm sure are things that they are very, very well prepared to debate, refute and ready to hear. Those things have been points of discussion in that religion for decades now.

    Try asking them what is that makes them happy to be Mormons. Their testimonial may give you a clue as to the real reasons why they join. If they were raised in that religion, simply show them the size of the real world compared to what they have experienced, as a point to show them that they cannot say that the one and only thing they know is the one and only truth.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    @ PALE.emperor:

    "Blacks in the church maybe?" lol!!!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    what is the mormon hook ? do they sell the everlasting life on a paradise earth nonsense too ?

  • pale.emperor

    what is the mormon hook ? do they sell the everlasting life on a paradise earth nonsense too ?

    No Stan, if you're a good mormon, you get to be a God with your own planet and a goddess wife to have endless sex with you send your spirit children to your planet to live as humans then return to you.

    Makes sense.

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