New York Times article by ex-JW Missionary Amber Scorah

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  • Room 215
  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    Here is a pic of Amber's baby, Karl Towndrow:

  • fulano

    I am very curious, if she was really a missionary, where and how she was trained to be send alone as a sister. Very unusual.

  • LV101

    Started reading -- so great she had another baby. Devastating losing a baby.

  • zeb

    what a gorgeous bub!

  • Diogenesister
    Fulani Where and how was she trained to be a lone missionary sister

    I think ( and this is just a guess, I’ve pre-ordered the book but it’s not available in the uk until June 4th) anyway I think she was probably an unpaid volunteer since it’s under ban. I doubt ‘regular’ Gilead missionaries are given the assignment routinely.

    Also, I imagine they would require some level of mandarin and it probably wasn’t so common for westerners to speak Chinese back in the day. Maybe it was a case of them having to accept whomsoever they could?

    Just a guess, mind

  • Diogenesister
    • Z

      Zeb what a gorgeous bub!

    • Beautiful!! Lucky mummy and Daddy!
  • millie210

    I read the excerpt. She writes really well.

  • Jehalapeno

    She is likely using the term missionary in a colloquial sense so that the concept can be grasped by mainstream readers.

    New York Times readers aren’t going to know what a “need-greater” is.

  • fulano

    I have known two missionaries that had worked in banned territories but they were both unmarried brothers and were experienced missionaries not newbees.

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