Theocratic Ministry School

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  • tresdecu

    So the TMS....Does anyone think it might ever go away? Possibly being replaced by a BORG streaming presentation that's required viewing from home? It seems to me that with the congregation merging and sell-off that's going on, there are going to be 4 maybe 5 congregations sharing some KHs. Plus with some having to travel greater distances...idk, just seems like something the WTS brass might consider.

  • sir82

    So the TMS....Does anyone think it might ever go away?

    Umm,,,,it went away 3 years ago.

    The new "midweek meeting" is called the "Christian Life and Ministry Meeting" (CLAM for short).

    It still has some student assignments, but they are all sample presentations for door to door work or Bible study demonstrations. Most are 3 minutes or less, some are as long as 6 minutes.

  • tresdecu

    lol...Wow, well guess I've been inactive for awhile ;-) Old terminologies die yeah, I mean the mid week meeting. Mine was always on a Thursday back in the day.

    I'm sure a PIMI family or "friend" told me about this, but of course I forgot. Is it still 1.75 hrs long

  • sir82

    Yeah, there are 3 parts, total time is 1.75 hours. The last 1/2 hour is the book study.

    It's a lot more "up and down", sometimes there are 9 different people with assignments plus the chairman, counting "householders" & CBS reader there's a parade of up to 14 people up & down, up & down, up & down.

    There's always at least one video per week, sometimes as many as 4.

    But it is every bit as boring and useless as you remember.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The one thing they did was take any creativity away on the assignments

    The announcements are clear at the end so if you want to know about things you cannot leave at the half way song. Also dont announce funerals, weddings, or things you might want to know. Strictly org business

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    They need standing lessons for their cart work.

  • waton
    The one thing they did was take any creativity away on the assignments

    rtn: right, and they have practically eliminated speaker training. Brothers are even taking conversations like just like sisters, brothers are not required to have the head covered though, yet!. Brothers are allowed the bible reading, but not to comment on the text as Jesus did.

    The funniest part is the jezebel aspirants fighting verbally for dominance in the various audience participation parts, while the brothers sit in silence, mostly.

    it is called wt "learning in silence" as per latest bible reading in 1 Tim. 2.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    The renamed TMS is here to stay.

    It gives the RandF homework to do, keeps them busy, doing talks, doing substitute talks, keeps you mentally distracted.

  • Dagney
    They need standing lessons for their cart work.

    ^^^ HIGH-larious!!!

  • tresdecu

    omg wow...I think I might have to go just for the ridiculousness of it all. thanks for the info. yeah It's probably here to stay for a while, if it gives them some purpose why take it away. :-/

    damn my dad for answering the door that day in 1980............

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