Reel to reel tapes and old Watchtower literature

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    In the talk, he says "some"... many times and these "some" made bad decisions based on their OWN speculation, and these bad decisions "were spiritually detrimental".

    So,"the slave" who made the false prophecies in truth caused "some" to make "spiritually detrimental decisions"... which were.... drum roll please .... "selling their homes"

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    I went through a load of old convention talks and isolated the 1975 comments. I’d love to hear any more.

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    I hope to find some. That's the reason I started with the 1974 convention at Detroit

    It is playing on the reel2reel as I type, being recorded on digital.

    It's precarious, but nobody is touching my setup.

    Brudda Green is talking right now, just an elder from Detroit, long dead and almost forgotten.

    He goes into the whole organization thing, beginnings etc and talks about the "evil slave" during the 1914-1919 period. This was new for me. I don't recall this from our past BS studies.

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    This is a short sample of the 1974 District convention at Detroit Mich.

    PS. I think this is a very poor service. I will definitely find something else.

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  • mann377

    I have to laugh when I hear the "brothers" say it was the persons fault for great expatiation's in 75. What the "brothers" don't know is that I was the press operator for the awake magazine from 74-76. If you have any old copies I printed them. I could tell stories that would make you double over. How about the congregation in Texas that ordered 12,000 copies of an issue of Awake in '74. Always wonder what happened to them.

  • Ding

    It never ceases to amaze me how JWs who were born after 1975 can tell those of us who lived through the 1975 hype that the WT didn't say what it said.

    The fact that we saw and heard it firsthand doesn't faze them.

  • lastmanstanding


    I have some of those original copies. Now I have your fingerprints!

    and I will hunt you down!


    I'd love to have a conversation with someone from then. I was pre teen when the 75 ship went down. But I remember my parents talking with others about the letter writing to the society.

    If I could go back in time, there's a few I would strangle.

    I will put the recording of the brudda from da tower in my share account as soon as I can. You can hear how he likens the "some" from back then to apostates.

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    ding a ling. You remember, so you are my senior by some measure.

    All that 75 crap didn't matter to me at the time. I really didn't gather it.

    But I felt the effects.

    Likewise, would be cool to talk.

  • lastmanstanding

    I'm digitizing the Zone Visit from 1974 as I type. I hope there's some shight in there.

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