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  • lastmanstanding

    It's been an emotional few weeks going through old Watchtower literature, I mean old. I have saved many things, some you have never seen. Particularly related to 1975, I have WTS literature, even a big newspaper article about the 1975 prediction.

    Today, I started going through the reel to reel tapes. My machine is old, very old, and was submerged in a flood two years ago. It took a bit, but I got it going.

    I started with the 1974 District Convention at Tiger Stadium and I am copying it onto digital. I am hoping Franz the idiot was there railing about 1975

    Two of the tapes are labelled Ray Franz. Wowser. I wish I'd have known I had them when Ray was still alive, I would ahve brought it up in conversation. I imagine he had all his stuff anyway, he was so meticulous. And now he's passed, so it doesn't matter.

    It was an emotional day, starting off with taking my 85 year old Dad to the cemetery. He stopped going to the hall years ago, only went to the memorial, this year with Covid was his first that he didn't attend.

    He heard some of the first tape. He got angry at WTS all over again for the deception.

    I have several LPs of Rutherford. They play. I will record them off also.

    My library of WTS crapola is comprehensive. Original Watchtower bound from the beginning. All the old books. All of them.

    Like I said, it was an emotional day, ending late as I have been cleaning out 60 years of my Dad's life.

  • careful

    Yeah, I can relate to the emotion. Some years ago when a nice local elder, truly a fine guy but completely deluded since he buys into the package hook, line, and sinker, came over to try and reactivate me, the many deep memories just flooded back—truly emotional, hard to control my thoughts and feelings. I'm glad I purged most of my WT library years ago, but it sounds like you might have some valuable things, stuff worth saving.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I'd like to hear the tapes, but at the same time, I'd probably want to puke hearing that old garbage over again.

    After being proud of their comprehensive collection of WT literature going back to the first edition of the WT, my family got rid of most of the older literature when they realized why I was interested in it.

  • BluesBrother

    We have got a load of old Watchtower stuff back through the 70's and further .. people on this board used to ask for articles and we would scan and post here , but I think most of it ,and more,can be found on line now. We lived through the 60s and 70's and well remember the excitement we all felt.... but '75 was 45 years ago now. That seems not to matter to the faithfull.....

    Lastmanstanding. I hope your dad is ok , at least he saw the truth of things.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Put it up on the Board

  • phoenixrising

    Yes please post these as you convert them.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I have an old tape somewhere from dad given him by a cousin. When I played it it was a meeting of apostates in Nebraska in the 50s. My family has roots back to Russell. Too bad it doesnt even give bragging rights or a line on the " truth"

  • Biahi

    Save the 1969 Awake! bound volume. It contains the famous (or infamous) quote not to go to college because you won’t have time to fulfill a career in this “system of things”.

    if you want to get rid of it, PM me, I will buy it from you.

  • lastmanstanding

    I don't have the 1969 Awake bound volume.

    But I do have the original Awake magazine!

    With the infamous quote. I already snapped a pic

  • lastmanstanding

    Bluesbrother. Thanks ... Dad is doing ok. But I know his time is limited. Trying to spend time with him as much as I can.

    I'm going over there now.

    With regard to 1975 being old news... last Sunday, the talk on ZOOM kingdom puke was given by a 'brother' from NYC. I don't know if it was recorded or live. It is recorded now, as we recorded it.

    The talk was ALL BOUT 1975 and 1914 and 1925 predictions.

    And this lunatic LIAR backed up what he said by starting off with "I WAS THERE".. so he is not misinformed, but a full blown, self condemned LIAR.

    In the talk, he blamed the entire fiasco on the members whom he liken'd to apostates.

    So, it is VERY relevant. I will post this talk so you can hear how, right now, most likely due to the information on the internet calling Jehovah's Witnesses false prophets, the WTS is doing damage control that involves repeating the same lies they told when they initially tried to cover up their false prophecy.

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