Watchtower Nov 3 2018 All about God and his feelings

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  • carla

    " it goes into great detail of about what a woman feels when she bonds with her child.Then it says that close bond was designed by our creator."- Yet the wt feels it can usurp God and break that bond at any time if the child decides to believe something different than what a few men in NY decide is correct today but is subject to change tomorrow. Isn't it odd that jw's believe God allows free will yet they do not tolerate it themselves?

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    Jehovah is a genocidal murderer but he's also a loving and just god at the same time

  • atomant

    Diogenesister and don't forget unborn babies guilty of no sin because they haven't been born yet will also be killed at harmageddon.lts reassuring to know god is love isn't it?

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