Watchtower Nov 3 2018 All about God and his feelings

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    This is a subject that the WT has covered many times. It uses the example of human feelings as a basis to understand God.

    For instance: Under the heading "Does God Notice You?", it goes into great detail of about what a woman feels when she bonds with her child. Then it says that close bond was designed by our creator. At the end of 3 paragraphs, it says CONSIDER: If God created such a complex system to ensure that a human mother will tenderly observe her baby and respond to the infant's needs, does it not seem logical that God also takes a personal interest in us, "the children of God"? -Acts 17:29

    The thing is, a human mother wouldn't sit around and just watch a child become sick without doing something. Parents have traveled the world and incurred great debt in an attempt to cure their children. God however, just wants you to know he "notices" you.

    At the end of the two page article, it gives an experience of "hannah" from England. In short, she felt God didn't love her, her prayers weren't answered, felt it was from her lack of faith, felt like she was being punished or ignored because she wasn't important enough and that God didn't care.

    What proved to her that he did? Mostly it was just reading about how great he was (I would assume articles like this) she said her prayers were answered (what did he answer? never said) "his willing desire to look after us individually"

    So in reality, you have to convince yourself because no miracles or direct communication occurs.

    So there are 4 articles like this. If I was a witness now, I'd be nodding my head in agreement although I myself, would not be feeling like I was helped by God. I would say "Hannah" is saying what many witnesses feel. Unloved and unnoticed by God. Praying without results and feeling like something is wrong with you.

    One of the experiences (if it is true) under the heading "Does God Understand You?" is a mother who not only had breast cancer - undergoing surgery, chemo and radiotherapy - she also had a daughter with hydrocephalus. And she was a widow. No miracles or cure, she just recited "the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your mental powers. Made her feel like she had a close personal bond with God.

    So this is the sugar pill effect. Which people do need to have sometimes when you have nothing else. But it just another example of people doing it for themselves. God doesn't impart health or direct help.

    Under the heading "God Will Soon End All Suffering" When will God Act? Very soon! Jesus revealed that a particular generation would witness a unique combinations of conditions that would mark the last days of a "system of things" The fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy in our day indicates that God's intervention in human affairs is imminent.

    Notice it doesn't say "Overlapping generation" and guess what? It's Very Soon!

    I should put the copy back on the porch so my time counting JW doesn't get a placement point. It's so hard to even browse this stuff.

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    One of my biggest issues has always been, how can a loving God continue to watch from his front row seat all the unspeakable suffering that happens every minute of the day the world over. Especially when allegedly has the power to stop it!

  • new boy
    new boy

    Yes we are god's children and I would consider everyone on the planet god's children.

    So since god's children have acted poorly (according to the Jehovah' Witnesses that is) god is getting ready to destroy billions of his children. Basically 99.99% of everyone living on the planet.

    This really doesn't sound like an all powerful god but a sick psychotic parent.

  • ToesUp

    So they use the example of a loving Mother bonding with her child. Now, this Mother is an imperfect person. How many imperfect mothers desire their child to be destroyed? I don't know any!


    Our loving and perfect Creator is going to destroy everyone of his children that is NOT a JW!

    Yeah, that make perfect sense WT. You just can't make this stuff up. The JW logic is staggering.

  • blondie

    As a child with a wavering jw mother, I was always disturbed that young children would be executed forever for their parents' sins. My mother would be inactive for a year and my siblings and I saw ourselves at the bottom of the earthquake ravine in the Paradise book. It was a question I asked every adult jw, including CO, DO, and GB members I knew. Never a satisfying answer, always sidestepping the original question, showing that they were disturbed but trusted in god to be doing the so-called right thing. Remember that god had the Israelite soldiers kill everything breathing when they ran over the Canaanite towns. 1 day old babies, babies in the womb, babies that could not run away, and so on. That is one of 4 reasons I left finally; the top being the WTS and its members did not have the identifying mark of love.

  • Crazyguy

    In the age we live in it’s just still blows me away that so many around the world still believe in a god. Even crazier that he cares and loves them.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    blondie - wow what a rollercoaster of emotions. All dependent on your mothers meeting attendance. Such a terrible thing to have to contemplate as a child.

    As someone that grew up in this religion, you think about the deaths of others at Armageddon - but the WT has a scripture for that too. Whenever I thought of people being destroyed I would think that God knew peoples heart and wouldn't destroy any that were good. Haha sadly I always thought that he would destroy me at Armageddon because I sinned in so many small ways and was never forgiven.

    In the article "Who is To Blame?" after a list of selfishness, greed, time and unforseen occurrences and Satan, it says CONSIDER: Only a heartless, diabolical evildoer would cause innocent people to suffer.

    So they admit that there are "innocent" people suffering. But the person who has caused this - GOD. He condemned the "innocent" children of Adam and Eve to a short life of suffering. At least this is something "truthful" from the WT. Not that I believe it anymore.

  • Listener

    Over 99% of JWs are not currently even considered to be 'children of God' according to the Warchtower.

  • Diogenesister

    I was truly horrified to discover children can be born with cancer.

    I cannot believe how foolish I was to believe the reason for that is these poor mites " inherited sin". What sin does a newborn have? None! That's what. And whatever day Jehovah chooses to instigate Armageddon there will be at least a quarter of a million newly born that day he intends to destroy.....for their "sin."

    And they won't be resurrected because they weren't lucky enough to be old enough to understand what they were supposed to do to avert his anger.

    How loving and humane of God. Watchtower God is nothing so noble as a human being. How dare they compare him to a human mother.

  • Finkelstein

    it says CONSIDER: Only a heartless, diabolical evildoer would cause

    innocent people to suffer.

    and that correctly symbolizes Jehovah when he killed millions of innocent people during Noah's flood .

    Jehovah is a genocidal murderer but he's also a loving and just god at the same time, what a contraindicating concept. ........ nevertheless he instills fear so people exploit that for their own means and purpose like the WTS.

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