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  • John Davis
    John Davis

    AverageJoe1 if hackers did hack JW.ORG what do you want them to do. They have two different systems. The Branch/Headquarters network is one network which is a closed network. Then there are the public sites such as JW.ORG and TV.JW.ORG those are hosted by companies like AWS. So even if you hack into the public sites the worst you can do is change around some words and then AWS will just restore it from a previous copy.

  • AverageJoe1

    @JohnDavisWell if they changed them round subtly into sections like the "we don't shun people" section maybe they wouldn't notice!

    Plus I have relatives that class this as a sign from God that the official site has never been hacked/messed with. At least that would put them right about that point!

    They use Microsoft 365 software for their login software along with Moodle by the way.


    The Roman Catholic Religion has over 1 billion members worldwide and they go back 2000 years of human history.

    Jehovahs Witnesses have about 8 million members worldwide and they go back as far as aprox.140 years of recent history

    Funny side note.

    All the JW`s I have talked to, think JW`s are as big as the Catholics.


    OUTLAW: JW`s have a huge pedophile problem.

    JW: What about the Catholics?!.....Every large organisation has it`s problems.


    2.2 billion Christians in the world.

    1.2 billion of them are Catholics.

    8 million (The WBT$ is most likely exaggerating) are JW`s.

    A Public Notice to the WBT$ JW Cult:


    Image result for You are tiny

  • Finkelstein

    Wacko religious cults come and go and they usually go when the people involved realize to its fraudulent lies, deception and corruption.

    The WTS built up itself on the same premise of lies and corruption promising great rewards for joining their organization. ( The one and only true righteous Christian faith )

    The problem is the JWS cult regenerates itself by manipulating its members to go find other members and this is why the JWS sustains a balanced membership.

    Add in the continuous money taken of its members and the ball keeps rolling.

    One must remember its the publishing house (WTS.) that is corrupt and it functions at the core of the organization.

  • Incognito

    With regard JWs becoming a more mainstream religion, haven't they already started that?

    I haven't attended a meeting in well over a decade. While I'm shocked at the things they now permit and do, members on this site who attended even 4 or 5 years ago, often state the number of changes even since they last attended. This 'religion' does not resemble the one many of us are accustomed to, although there still remains a few of the old practices remaining (ex: DFing). Even the blood doctrine has drastically changed with the acceptance of blood fractions.

    If WT implemented too many changes, too fast, long term JWs might start to raise a stink. Instead, changes are morphed and accepted a little at a time, although to us looking in from the outside, those changes appear pretty rapid.

    As so many have awaken but remain attending and submitting time sheets so as to continue acceptance by their family, it would be interesting (and shocking) if all those people stopped and walked away at the same time. What would the attendance and membership then be?

    Do you think that would drastically change the attendance and preaching hours that are published in the Awake, or would WT continue to count those not attending as active JWs so as to not highlight concerns and to save face? I think they would likely stop publishing the specific numbers but have COs imply growth in general terms while not indicating where.

    In reply to the OP where it was stated they continue to roll on almost unscathed, I guess that depends on where you are located. Would JWs in Russia, France and a few other countries have that same viewpoint?

  • smiddy

    LOL OUTLAW ,(where are her eyes focused on ?)

    OMG ! JW`s are really that small ?

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