Is unbreakable

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  • smiddy

    The Roman Catholic Religion has over 1 billion members worldwide and they go back 2000 years of human history.

    Jehovahs Witnesses have about 8 million members worldwide and they go back as far as aprox.140 years of recent history

    Which one do you think is the more newsworthy ? To the general public ?

  • Phizzy

    The lack of money will kill off JW Org before any expose etc. But we can all do our bit to help the dwindling support to get more coomon.

    Any expose makes even long term members think twice about donating.

    Plant seeds of doubt whenever you can.

  • dozy

    The JW organisation is never going to fold overnight & the public image through the JW.Org website and JW broadcasting is always going to be very positive & give the impression of how wonderful everything is. It doesn't reflect reality , any more than the Society videos showing loving congregations , happy pioneers having great conversations with extremely interested people at the doors or at the literature carts and mature , attentive , caring elders reflect what it is really like in the Organisation.

    When I watch the occasional JW.Org broadcast, I'm reminded of a TV advert here of a bank showing a beautiful bank teller greeting a customer with a beaming smile in a modern , state of the art branch. The reality locally is a run down crummy branch that is predicted to be next in line to be closed with long queues of grumpy customers and surly , unhelpful , disillusioned staff.

    In the West , the JW religion is in long term decline. From the few JWs I keep in touch with , they all tell the same story. Declining meeting attendance. Aging membership. Long standing JWs suddenly leaving or getting DFd. Young ones either stopping attending in their late teens or just playing the usual "double life" game. A congregation near me has just folded - insufficient elders and not enough publishers - the KH is on the market ( like so many ) and the few remaining members are travelling 20 miles to the neighbouring KH.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    A successful business cannot stand still, it has to constantly modernise. The org has “gone electric” with glossy TV studios, commercial PR input and a blue logo. It is trying to market its cult isolationism and doomsday message in a world increasingly devoted to free thought through education and the internet.

    The Watchtower’s forced change of approach has revealed neither the humanity of its executives nor any spiritual charisma. The TV cameras have erased any spiritual mystique or enlightenment from its governing body, which notion may have held sway right up to the end of the last century, instead it has exposed the fact that the men in charge are rather ordinary uncharismatic puppeteers controlling the show. And what a paranoid show it is! Never have they demonstrated any of their own Biblical prophetic utterances to come true and yet that was their sole claim for a divinely mandated existence. . .

    Their message in essence is: obey the instructions of the GB or you are mincemeat at Armageddon.

    It has never been possible to fool all of the people all of the time. Today it is only possible to fool the ignorant and those who have strong emotional reasons to want to be deceived.

    As the evidence arrives on this site; there is an increasing number of JWs who remain in the org awake to TTATT (the truth about the truth), to its politics of mind control and social manipulation. I suggest that the JW org will increase in those who are PIMO (physically in and mentally out) to the point when they become a majority and criticism of their hurtful religion becomes acceptable. The org is hemorrhaging numbers in the Western world and congregations becoming hollow shells of unbelievers; it will rapidly disintegrate as a tipping point is reached.

    So there are two significant aspects of the cult’s future: the JW property empire may continue as any other commercial concern would-- but at the heart of the cult; its premise that it alone has been identified by the Almighty as his exclusive appointee, is under critical scrutiny and rapidly increasing doubt.

    Without divine appointment they have no authority.

  • AverageJoe1

    I would like to see someone hack the official website. If it's been done with the FBI's computers, why can't it be done with Or do they have better security?

    That would prove to most JWs that the organisation doesn't have God's backing!

  • scratchme1010


    Cognitive dissonance, brainwashing, controlling group.

    For example, just walk into any Kingdom Hall there is not so much as a whisper about anything that has been exposed outside of JW land. continue to roll out their slick broadcasts unhindered. It's all so bizarre!

    You get the same effect in the republican congress.

  • Vidiot
    Unshackle - "...there is not so much as a whisper about anything that has been exposed outside of JW land..."

    'Course not.

    No one wants to be called into the back room.

    Doesn't mean shit's not percolating quietly through the R&F's collective consciousness, though.

    Nothing is "unbreakable".

  • Vidiot
    pale.emperor - "This religion will, i hope in my lifetime, dwindle into a little online based church soliciting donations."

    IMO, that would - arguably - be far more satisfying than a total crash-and-burn.

    Groups have been known to bounce back from crash-and-burns in the past, but from withering away to semi-obscurity? Not so much. Hardly anyone even remembers the Hare Krishnas, these days, for example.

    Not to mention that dwindling into a little online-based church will make it way, way easier for fakers, faders, and fence-sitters to finally leave...

  • Gayle

    Time is a cult's biggest certain enemy. With the internet now, facts and information are speeding things up. Their temporary excitements are only desperate manic frenzies, which only cause deeper and longer lulls.

  • Wakanda

    I would also like to see someone hack into their website. They put out a rumor about that btw. They say that they didn't think about website security at all, just forgot about it. Then sometime in 2013, 2014, or 2015 I don't remember which, it dawned on them that they should put some protection on their websites. Of course, they then say that Jehovah was protecting them before that. ooooh! aaaaah!

    Ha! Right. Lying [email protected]@es.

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