Is unbreakable

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  • Chook

    I think the numbers will stagnate or shrink going forward , the real panic stations will be when they consider getting rid of some doctrinal issues that hinder increase, biggest sign of their demise is no longer reporting hours when and if they do this field service will cease . Making blood a full conscience matter and a reversal of DF procedures. Any one of these 3 if ever takes place the religion will have been brought to shadow of itself.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I agree with Magnum and Chook, JW's are just not the hard core people they used to be. They used to talk doctrine with people. Now they tell you to go to jw dot orgy. What a bunch of garbage.

  • steve2

    If there are lots of rats still milling around the engine room, don't assume the ship's seaworthy. Rats are usually the last to leave a sinking ship.

  • venus

    My friend who is still inside the org may be typical of many others. She says I know JW org is not the best to be in--it has its flaws, but If I change my religion it would reflect badly on me--because I have already changed my former religion to become one of JWs.

  • xjwsrock

    It's all about real estate now. They have set up a separate corporation call JW Congregation Support Inc. It is the real estate arm of the organization. It is the wealth building arm. They have given up on the network marketing/publishing business model. The new corporation is by far the most important now. The religion is just the face of it - it is just to draw free labor from. They are siphoning off the best and the brightest talent into the LDC. The LDC of course is under the new corporation. It is 100% the Mcdonalds model. Watch the movie The Founder about Ray Kroc and see what the organization is doing. Quite eye opening.

  • pale.emperor

    When i was waking up I used the phrase "its like living in North Korea".

    And it is. Information control is being used. Threats of losing your family. A lot of people in N.Korea know it's bullshit but think they're the only ones who think it so they go along with it.

    This religion will, i hope in my lifetime, dwindle into a little online based church soliciting donations. Either that or it'll form a splinter group and the process will start again.

  • tepidpoultry

    Splinter groups from 100 years ago still exist such as Millenial Dawn and Bible Students, how do you break an ideology? :0)

  • sir82

    Religions come and go. the longer one has been around, the more likely it will "stick".

    JWs will be around for a while. They will either gradually morph into something more mainstream, or remain rigid in their belief system and gradually wither away.

  • smiddy

    It may be unbreakable in the short term however their are a lot more cracks opening up.

    This is just one ex JW site and yet every day or two a newbie breaks free from the cult and shares their experiences.

    No doubt every other ex JW site is having the same joy.

    Are JW kingdom halls overflowing like they predicted they would be by now or are they actually being sold off because fewer people are using them.

    Wasnt it just a couple of years ago they were talking about building more KH`s because of the increase ?

    And yet today we see the opposite happening.

    When a business/religion is thriving its expanding opening up more venues and branching out with more outlets.

    When a business/religion is in trouble they are consoladating their losses shutting down venues closing what outlets they have..

    Shedding staff ,reducing overheads ,cutting costs every where they can.

    Isnt the writing on the wall for the WTB&TS /Jehovahs Witness religion ?

    I certainly think so ,however that does not mean they will cease to exist anytime soon.

    Think of Christian Scientists ,Assembly Of God (name change now ) Christadelphians,CJCLS (mormons) and Seventh Day Adventists (SDA)

    Most of these were end times religion that sprung up in the 1800`s and they are still functioning today.

    And their are probably a helluva lot more still operating.

  • tor1500


    I've been saying this for the longest on this site....Why has the Catholic Religion been exposed not the JW's Why no mainstream media has exposed the org...yes they have been in different newspapers but everyone knows when the New York Times or the Daily News talk people listen...None of the major tv stations pick up on the JW scandal except the Russian thing....I'm saying this not so much that the congregation will believe but at least they will know that these venues will have facts to back it up...and many will now believe some of the rumors they heard in the halls..

    Plus its a social club for those who think we are in the last days.


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