"No more than 40 years"

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  • Xanthippe

    Waton I don't think they ever put 1975 in writing as the end of the system. Dragging my mind back thirty years since I was in I think it was something like the end of six thousand years, six creative days so it would be an 'appropriate' time for it to happen, blah, blah, blah.

  • waton
    think it was something like the end of six thousand years, six creative days Xh.

    You could be right, but it was linked to a year in such a way that 1975 clearly emerged, at the "book study". in 68, .69.

    Similarly, looking at D S's chart presentations, pegging Fr. Fr. as the benchmark of 1992 (hid age, his death year), gets them overlapping way into the future.

  • dynamiterose77

    I posted this in another part of the internet where the 1975 thing has been debated. The writer references where the 1975 date was first mentioned, in 1966 with the publication of the book Life Everlasting- Freedom of the Sons of God. Then in a very specific talk it was given an exact date of Sept. 5 1975. The 1975 issue also started the new-light "Adam-Eve" gap... So, I'm seeing this new not quite exactly directly saying a date for this 40 year thing... as the new fiasco brewing. Complete with new-light "overlapping generations". They allude to things in text form... but people are talking about talks given that seem far more direct... Like in 75 so they have back-peddle room.


  • john.prestor

    At jwfacts.com you can find an article that contains a ton of material showing JW elites strongly insinuated 1975 would welcome in Armageddon. It's no mistake membership fell in 76 and 77.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The JW cult leaders have cried "wolf" so many times, how can anyone trust anything they say?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    If a JW makes any sort of outrageous statement, make them promise to back it up, promising a time and place when they will do it.

    When they 'forget', take a Worldly audience with you when you go to remind them of their promise.

  • smiddy3

    Maybe the GB /JW`s don`t commit themselves to explicitly saying a specific date ,but they sure as hell have implied many dates , many times in their publications ,special talks ,etc,etc.

    What happened to the statement "This system of things can`t last any more than 5 years now things are so bad in the world" which I first heard when I converted in 1960 .

    What a dickhead I am/was for staying in for 33 years and subjecting my family in it.

  • Gorbatchov

    Universe does not answer to 8 old republicans @ Warwick.

    The ultimate madness.


  • Nevuela


    Stop saying Christi-SCAM-ity. Once was enough. You're just embarrassing yourself and everyone around you because it makes you sound like a bratty child. Being right about it doesn't make you better than it.

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