Jesus—a real, historical person

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  • Ireneus

    Jesus was a real and historical person (not the way JWs or the rest of the people think him to be) because of the following historical facts:

    1) The fact that the most influential political establishment of that time (Roman Empire) was convinced that Jesus’ name would sell to suit their political agenda (to promote slavery) shows that Jesus was as historical as Roman Empire itself; hence they implanted slavery-friendly verses into the Bible as though spoken by Jesus (such as Mathew 5:39, 41; 24:45 ..etc) This was in contrast to the real personality Jesus really was—He was a man of courage, who ‘walked alone to do what is right if those invited refused to accompany him.’ When his family and disciples were fond of sleeping, his delight was to spend early morning hours alone, in meditation, with God to the extent he could say he was “one” with qualities of God. (Mark 1:35; John 8:1, 2; 10:30) Such a person would naturally be too famous and too crowd-pulling against whom even the influential people were helpless even when they were whipped out of the temple which reminds us of “Hollywood Rambo style” merely because of his moral authority (not that he had any supernatural powers to perform miracles).

    2) Similarly, emerging religion (apostate Christianity) too knew they could misuse the name of Jesus to serve its commercial agenda. They implanted the incomprehensible concept of ‘one man making the whole world sinners and taking away the sins of the world through one man’ as though coming through the mouth of Jesus in contrast to the true teaching Jesus did (Luke 6:38; Mathew 12:32 … etc). He had taught that he was not sent to be killed by sinners as to save sinners. (Mathew 21:37) His kingdom was of renouncement of attachment to worldly things (Mathew 16:24), also a kingdom of renouncement of attachment even to past memories and future worries as to be in the now (Luke 17:21), a condition “within,” of the heart; hence was not a threat to any establishments—political or religious. He was perfectly successful in conveying this non-commercial concept of religion to his immediate disciples who expressed their desire to continue with their simplistic material life style. (John 21:3)

  • scratchme1010

    If you are interested in non-bible, non-religious information about Jesus of Nazareth, there's an interesting documentary that i saw in National Geographic about his life.

    He was a real person.

  • Whynot
  • Crazyguy

    There is some evidence that just maybe one of the rebel leaders of the Jewish revolt was turned into Jesus and then the mythology and god like messianic qualities added later, maybe as spite.

    Just like so many other bible characters Moses, Nimrod, David, Solomon, etc. these all could of been based off a real person or mythological character from a different place or time and then made to be a real person in the Bible.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I used to spend considerable time reading books that debated a reality of Jesus or a fiction come to life.
    The arguments are stacked so high on both sides, with the fiction side suffering more from the fact that its advocates don't have anything at stake so they don't try as hard to extrapolate from theories and known facts.

    The bottom line for me was that Paul's Christ was not ever described as a physical man who lived during his own life or just prior to it. Paul's Christ was easily a symbol for people, a myth that was magnified larger than life. And the gospels were added later to this larger-than-life myth.

    In the end, I decided it doesn't really matter. If myths are based on a man or not, they are not reality. The son of God did not walk the earth and sacrifice himself for all of mankind. Miracles about Jesus are no more true than miracles about Buddha are true reality.

  • Finkelstein
  • steve2

    The “real” Jesus only succeeded in speaking to the masses because he raised his voice very, very loud in order to be heard.

    Unfortunately, passersby mistook his very raised voice for a state of hysteria which, over time, gave rise to debate in scholarly circles over whether Jesus was a real, hysterical person.

  • cofty

    Ireneus you have invented your own Jesus.

  • Ireneus


    It shows you really understood the basis of my reasoning.

    I have removed all the impurities the world conveniently heaped upon Jesus

  • Ireneus


    That could be true. Interesting point.

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