You Know You're Starting To Wake Up When...

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    When you don't even bother to fill in the answers on the written review anymore.

    When you, as a non drinker, have to duck out to your car for a quick nip of wine or beer just to calm the anxiety that attending the meeting induces. ( I had to do this toward the end of my JW days )

    When you stop turning in time even though you have time to turn in.

    When you ask to reschedule talks you've been assigned in the ministry school so much that they stop giving you assignments.

    When you're attending an assembly in a stadium and instead of it being encouraging, it feels like you're having an out of body experience.

  • scratchme1010

    1. You start making friends outside the congregation

    2. You start dating people outside the congregation

    3. You start feeling normal and happy for doing 1 and 2

    4. You no longer feel bad for feeling good by doing 1, 2 and 3

  • MrRoboto

    When you realize that an accidental plane crash involving every member of the G.B. would be a net gain for all of humanity.

  • ttdtt

    When during a meeting you hear a "sister" happily comment about how great it will be when soon god will eliminate all the wicked, and you know that that WILL INCLUDE her unbelieving HUSBAND NIECES NEPHEWS and other family, and most family of everyone one sitting in the seats around you.

    As you look around at the smiling faces - you think WTF - do they know what they are asking for?
    You realize they are ok with everyone dead so they can have a life without responsibility and eat Grapes the size of Mellons.

    That exact thing happened to me, and I got so upset and sad I had to walk out.

  • Gorbatchov

    When you can't sing the songs because of the songtext, and you can't close your eyes during prayer anymore.


  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    When you muster up the courage to visit an XJW website.

  • ttdtt

    This is a great thread!

  • AllTimeJeff

    My list when I left

    When you realize that Elijah and Elisha are not Rutherford and Knorr respectively, but instead are two old dudes alleged to be prophets by YHWH.

    When you look behind you at Gilead and everyone is shaking their head up and down like "Yeah! Elijah really did foreshadow Rutherford and Elisha Knorr! Why didn't I see it before?!"

    And when you suddenly admit say it to yourself in Gilead "This isn't the truth." Just like that. And you die a little inside.

    When you see first hand that the WTB&T$ is all about the American Dollar.

    When before you go to your foreign assignment, you have to sign a disclaimer allowing them to throw you out of the missionary home with no way of getting to your home country for "sins".

    When you have to calm down a bitter old elder who wants to investigate a congregation member because they didn't talk very nicely to their relatives.

    When you you're not supposed to call the police on pedophiles, unless you do so anonymously.

    When on the day before you leave your resignation letter, you pray to whomever is up there, and ask that somehow they take care of the good people, and that they are shown some love somehow.

  • AllTimeJeff

    My List Part 2 After Gilead as I was planning on leaving

    When you realize your wife really does love the Borg more than you, and that her indoctrination is more then can be overcome. And so you get your heart broken again, but you move on anyway

    When you read CoC for the first time, and it rings so true so as to leave no doubt that you must leave this cult

    When you try to tell yourself its a cult, but its a bit too much at first, so you simply say to yourself you belong to a "high control group"

    Later on, you admit that it really is a cult

    When you go to a bookstore for their Wifi so you can visit a few websites like this

    When you knock on a door and simply say "I am a JW, but I'd really like to listen to what you think." And then you listen

    When you pretend to fall and hit your head on the kitchen counter and pretend your dizzy because you are so desperate not to go to a meeting

    When you leave your resignation letter and "Dear John" letter on the table at the same time and start life over

    PS: For those who know Bethel, the letter was on one side of one piece of paper. Just how they like it.... ;)

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    When you naively question something, and then you're subsequently treated like a pariah.

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