You Know You're Starting To Wake Up When...

by pale.emperor 50 Replies latest jw experiences

  • pale.emperor
    • You start listening to music deemed "unsuitable for Christians"
    • You pretend to knock on the doors
    • You explain a JW teaching to someone and realize how ridiculous it sounds
    • You visit an apostate site and your heart is pounding, then you apologize to god... then go back to it
    • You use the KH wifi to visit eBay, Amazon or even this website
    • You stop explaining yourself to elders or nosey elders wives
    • You buy a birthday gift for one of your friends in secret
    • You get angry when someone criticizes the org, then angrier still when you cant defend it.

    Any more?

  • sir82

    -- You stop contributing to the "WorldWide Work" first, then stop contributing any money at all.

  • ttdtt
    • The idea of a worldwide flood start sound completely crazy
    • It's hard to keep coming up with excuses of why evolution is wrong
    • You wonder why God's message is so sucky that only a small minority of people have ever adopted it
    • You wonder how loving God can kill billions of people who've never heard of him and how that's his best solution for happy world
    • You stop feeling guilty about watching porn

    I could go on and on

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    You are pretty sure you won't die for not taking blood.

  • ttdtt

    Doesn't make sense that I will never die even though stars die.

  • pale.emperor
    You stop contributing to the "WorldWide Work" first, then stop contributing any money at all.

    Im glad that I never contributed a penny in all my time as a JW. It cost me £80 a month in taxis and buses to get there in the first place

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    You Know You're Starting To Wake Up When...

    …you’re listening to everything that is said at the meetings and then realizing that none of it makes sense.
  • mentalclarity
    • You realize your "worldly" friends have alot more integrity and moral conviction than your JW friends.
    • You're using time in meetings to make "to do" lists and completely tuning out.
    • You stop caring so much about "stumbling" others with what you wear, say or do and start looking up literature to be able to defend yourself against made up rules.
  • pixel

    I'll bite...

    - You know you are starting to wake up when you sleep with a pillow and don't feel guilty.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    You start feeling less guilty missing a meeting and even feel like it can be justified now and again...

    you wonder why it’s always the same people commenting again and again ...

    .... the uplifting, spiritual gifts and tracts and songs etc just feel burdensome, trite, cumbersome, boring, same old....

    and yes, “worldly” people don’t seem so bad and evil and awful and terrible... most of them are quite nice really!

    All the study, meeting prep, travel, clothes, book bags, organizing literature and study material week after week... seems less and less biblical and spiritual...

    ... you get tired of insincere smiles and smiling, and wonder how Jehovah’s happy people are so miserable

    ... you begin to dread meeting nights, it feels like such a waste of time....

    ... you do less and less field service, another pointless unfruitful endeavour....

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