Sick! "Stoning of Two Transgenders in Dortmund, Germany Prevented By Police In The Last Minute."

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  • kaik

    What I find fascinating about the intersection of right wing ideology and anti-Muslim sentiment is that it's producing defenders of gay people from the most unlikely quarters. So that we've now got right wing nationalists saying we should defend gay people and "our values" of gay tolerance against intolerant Muslim foreigners. Who would have predicted? Weird.

    I do not remember communists being tolerant to gay people. They persecuted many of them. Under Stalin era it was enough to accuse of same-sex relationship or behavior to destroy anyone reputation. During the show-trials, people were accused of homosexual behavior to be totally socially discredited. It was in the 1960's when communist power waned, when Czechoslovakia and Hungary decriminalized homosexual behavior. It was done by political movement that was right of the communists or anticommunist. It is the same to say that right-parties are antisemitic, while today, the left parties in EU are antisemitic and anti-Israel.

  • coalize

    I don't think the left is anti-semitic. At least, not more than 30 years ago...

    But what is sure, at least in the west european countries, is that shunning Israel is a fashion. Electoralist. To try to have the muslim vote.

    But it doesn't work so much...

  • kaik

    European Left became antisemitic due Israel, which has close relationship with USA. For the EU Left, it is not possible to pander Islamic immigrants, and at the same time to preach as a defender of Jews. The love for Jews is gone among the Left at least since 1967. Last month, the Czech Parliament rejected EU requirement of labeling Israeli products from West Bank to be antisemitic. The only opposition to it were the damn commies. The Communist party is the biggest critic of Israel. Under communism Jews were purged from party, significant number of people were executed between 1948-1960 were Jews. Communists started to pander ME countries and many communist countries were allied to USSR. Today's EU is run by many Left who were deeply influenced by various forms of Communism like Barrosso. They see Israel as American ally and enemy. The Jews and the Left belong to long lost era gone 85 years ago.

  • punkofnice
    what religion were the bigots doing the stoning?
  • LisaRose

    I am sorry this thread was derailed by a discussion on Muslims. This was partially my fault as I made a comment about some very hateful racist things some one posted on my Facebook feed. It was actually a comment on racism, but not a comment about Muslims, so I don't know why anyone would bring that into the discussion. I generally try to stay out of the threads on Muslims, but since this has been raised, I feel I have to respond.

    Of course rapists must be dealt with, I don't think anyone would question that, but it makes me sad that people have become so intolerant and hateful towards anyone simply because of their race, religion or sexual orientation. There are millions of Muslims, of course some of them are going to be evil, bad, horrible people and it's true that some Muslim cultures treat women very badly. But I still don't believe that we must condemn every Muslim simply because of their religion.

    I think people have become fearful, as people are always fearful of those that are different and that fear makes them intolerant. I think those fears have some basis in fact, but the danger is greatly exaggerated. Anytime you have any large group of immigrants you will have issues, sometimes serious issues. I don't know what the solution is, but I know the solution is not hatred, that just makes things worse.

    As Jehovah's Witnesses we were often looked down upon by others because of our religion, we all know what that is like, it didn't feel good . Of course now we know our former religion was a bunch of lies and did not help us or make us better people, but that did not make US bad or evil, just mistaken, we all tried to do the best we could with what we thought to be true at the time. Still, we did things that are wrong, like shunning others, and we even would have let our own children die because of what our leaders told us to do. I imagine most Muslims are just doing what they have been raised to believe is the right thing also and their religion is also just part of who they are.

    But obviously I am in the minority on this issue, I've tried to avoid the subject, but it's impossible, so I think it's best if I take a break from this place for a while and focus on more positive things in my life.

  • barry

    I think we should ask some questions about Political Islam and that should not be an attack on all Muslims. There are moderate muslims but there is no moderate Islam.

    When analysing Islam we have to determine the reasons for their behaviour for some it is because they are just bad people taking advantage of others and committing crimes as any other religious person may. I would suggest that Political Islam has some very difficult problems unique from other religions.

    Racism The Arab people have writings the Koran, the 6 Hadiths and the Sira and these writings regard all non Arab peoples to be Inferior.

    The treatment of women. The Islamic writings give women no rights in Islamic countries and in those countries if a women is raped the women is then killed. The rapist gets off . We should ask ourselves the question is this what is happening in Europe? Men are not responsibe for rape.

    Mohammad approved of rape of prisoners of war and the rape of children remember he married a 6 year old. Mohammad being the perfect example for Muslims to follow is believed by all Muslims just as Christians follow the example of Jesus . This is why we see child brides here is Australia being married to older men and also because Islam believes if they live in a western country they are in the house of non Islam and so at war. Could this be the reason muslims believe they can rape in western countries . Some Imams and even a female Imam have said western women should be raped by muslim immigrant men to be humiliated.

    I could go on but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • barry

    Ann Indonesian Imam has written a fatwa saying its OK for a father to lust after his daughter as long as she is 13 years old . the fatwa also declared an engaged couple shouldn't hold hands because other Muslims may stone them for indecency. The website was taken down in a few days because of objections.

    I think we would all find these things disturbing but I believe Islam is a different animal than all the others

  • BluesBrother

    Whilst I heartily agree with the utter condemnation of the young thugs who carried out this attack, we need to make sure that we are not carried along by a wave of manipulation by those whose job it is to make us angry. To quote from the very conservative British "Daily Mail"

    One of the girls claimed that the men picked up a handful of gravel and tried to throw it directly at the two of them.
    The suspects abandoned their attack on their victim and were arrested by a police officer.

    Whatever...All lawbreakers should be deported and a more sensible solution found

  • ttdtt

    You will not find Atheists doing something horrible like that.

    To be evil you need religion!

  • park ave boy
    park ave boy

    Oh sad news from my colleague. Another attack on the gay community in Kiel but this time the police are not allowed to prosecute. In fact it is a direct order so as not to incite violence against immigrants. So now immigrant's protection is more important than the gay community? I'm about to lose it. Wusah! Wusah!

    Edit: I'll update as I get the info: a group of 3 Somalian boys attacked a German man on a train because they thought he was gay, but it turns out he is not! Another passenger got hold of one boy but the police let him go after he had no evidence of identification and claimed to be 15 years old!! WTF?!

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