Watchtower Philosophy Debates

by Wild_Thing 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • wallsofjericho

    I’m exactly the same! I used to scrutinize very little detail

    now I could care less about jw doctrine

    i suppose in part because it doesn’t really matter any more. Back in the days of Franz we LOVED all the years and toes and antitypes and all the bullshit that lunatic wrote

    Now nobody in the hall really actually knows what they believe, it’s just the “best life ever” and that’s enough

  • waton

    woj:-- guess what, just browsed through tomorrow's wt, October 2017 and it is all about the meaning of 2 mountains, 4 horses, and ladies with stork wings* (I kid you not) from Zechariah's prophecies. Meaning assigned to even to the lead in the lid.

    * wt upsets ancient myths. I knew storks brought babies, but ladies with stork feature? new to me!

    ps: two such delivery stork-like ladies, carrying not a baby, but full grown women, in a partial lead container to Babylon. (almost as bad as a lead Zeppelin)

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