Despite their false predictions aren't the JWs right? Won't the world eventually end & Paradise come?

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  • nowwhat?

    Newsflash. Most christians believe in the 2nd coming melinnial reign of Jesus. They just don't call it paradise earth. So no, jw's won't be the only ones right.


    Well, there are some Astronomers who are very concerned that we may be hit with a gigantic Gamma Ray Burst around the 25th - 27th of December. If having the world as we know it fried in a microwave and then letting nature take its course, constitutes your definition of paradise, then you could be right...


  • stockholm_Syndrome

    Circa 1000 BC Psalms 37 was written "Just a little while longer and the wicked shall be no more"----

    Hmmmm 3000 years later they are still here.................PROPHECY FAIL

    A rational person could not say to anyone 'its only a little while -3000 years

    But theres more!

    Babylon- Isaiah 13 written circa 700BC -Babylon is soon to be destroyed - nomads will never live there.....But Babylon kept going -- was the governmental seat of Alexander the great circa 380BC and the Jewish Talmud was written there 300 AD---1000 years later.

    American troops had a base there living right in the midst of Babylon ---google it---Camp Alpha


    I could give many more if interested

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    was the governmental seat of Alexander the great circa 380BC

    Alex hadn't been born yet.

  • prologos
    James Mixon8 hours ago: "--They came up with earth paradise before man realize the earth will nor remain forever

    Who are they? wt writers, bible writers? Clearly they had no clue of reality. that is why their predictions (or not) can never be right, but enjoy the goodness of the good ones.

  • stockholm_Syndrome

    sorry ment 330BC my bad - let I be cast into the firey lake

  • stockholm_Syndrome

    and I meant to say Babylon Talmud --sheesh

  • Fernando

    The Watchtower is dead wrong about "the end" and about Armageddon.

    "The end" is the fall of religion, and the rise of man.

    And Armageddon is a situation - a long war - not an event - the war between ideological opposites: religion and its nemesis the liberating gospel of grace.

    According to religion, eternal life, a right standing with God, and a clean standing with God, are earned.

    The gospel message says they are imputed as priceless free gifts to any that will receive them (Rom 3:23-28).

    “Religion and its defenders have always been the most insidious enemies of the true faith precisely because they are not glaring opponents; they are imposters" (“Waking the dead” by John Eldredge)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    My Dad is in an old folks home full of Christians celebrating Christmas and birthdays when Jehovah had promised him that he would be in Paradise well before now. Every promise Jehovah made him has slowly, but surely, slipped into obscurity and all he is left with is the hope of resurrection, a poor substitute for the promises that have already failed,

  • jookbeard

    name me one single thing they've got right?

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