The Key Text on JW.Org Leaves Out The Most Important Part!

by steve2 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Drearyweather

    Matt 24:14 is used as caption to the picture used on the home page and hence only that part of the entire verse which is relevant to the picture and which makes the point is used. That is what we call as use of partial quotes.

    This was done by Russel too in the 1900's. The front page of the Watchtower only used some part of Isaiah 21:11,12 to point out the use of a Watchtower. "Watchman, What of the night? The Morning Cometh and a Night Also!"

    Most of us do that. No one would use an entire sentence or a verse as a caption to an image. That's where a fair use of partial quotes come to use.

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